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  1. sj9966

    Old Industry

    Here's one from the old Ford Foundry in Leamington Spa. Taken in 2011.
  2. sj9966

    Great Britain Palladium Cinema - Jan 20

    Great pics. Not much changed in the 9 years since I visited this place, maybe a few less seats but much the same otherwise.
  3. sj9966

    Italy Villa T, Italy - June 2019

    A nice looking place, nicely shot. Cool stuff!
  4. sj9966

    Great Britain Watchmakers House, July 2019

    Thanks mate, I'm not into old houses either but this was a bit special with the workshop at the back. Shots were taken on a Canon 6d some with a Tamron 24-70 and some with a Canon 17-40.
  5. sj9966

    Great Britain Watchmakers House, July 2019

    Well what can I say about this place, in the ten or so years I have been doing this hobby, this has got to be one of the best places I have visited. Having said that I really haven’t done much exploring in the last couple of years but an out of the blue text from my old exploring mate Rusty...
  6. sj9966

    Great Britain Carpet Factory - Midlands 2018

    Great stuff, a nice old looking factory with some cool old features!
  7. sj9966

    Great Britain Harold Wood Morgue, July 2011

    I will sort it tonight, I can re post from Flickr. Cheers
  8. sj9966

    Great Britain Great Tew Manor House, Oxfordshire - May 2017

    Cracking stuff. I was wondering what happened with this place. It doesn't look to have changed much at all (apart from the scaffolding outside) since I was last there back in 2012.  I bumped into the bloke who lives in the renovated part on one visit, he was OK and had no problem with me having...
  9. sj9966

    The Car Enthusiasts, 2017

    One day short of a whole year since my last explore and I finally got my exploring boots on again and visited this old house which is cram packed full of stuff, so much so its actually hard to get around inside.  Whoever owned the place must have been an avid car enthusiast as there are loads...
  10. sj9966

    Germany Papermill W... April '16

    Very nice, love the old desk!
  11. sj9966

    Codebreakers, D Block, May 2016

    Visited here last Bank Holiday, a cracking place steeped with history and well worth a look. There are only two large blocks remaining on site in a derelict state, G block and D block. G block is in a bad way. It has taken a right beating and is pretty much empty bar some old paperwork strewn...
  12. sj9966

    Great Britain A Lost Power Station, Cheshire, January 2016

    Thanks for the comments guys!
  13. sj9966

    Great Britain A Lost Power Station, Cheshire, January 2016

    A recent visit to this old Power Station which has been decommissioned since 2000. A planning application has been approved to demolish it and replace it with a new sustainable energy plant. Although approval was granted in 2012 nothing seems to have happened since. Lots of stuff left in situ...
  14. sj9966

    France The Foot Factory...

    Excellent stuff my man, that looks like an awesome spot!
  15. sj9966

    More pics from Pripyat, Halloween 2014

    Back in 2014 over Halloween weekend I visited the Ukraine to see Chernobyl / Pripyat . I posted a report back then but I've since processed quite a few more and have been meaning to post them up for ages. So in no particular order here they are. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10...
  16. sj9966

    Great Britain Odeon Cinema - 2015

    Great stuff, photos are spot on. You've done well considering the place is in total darkness. I hate taking photos in the dark, well done!
  17. sj9966

    Pitchford Hall, Shropshire, June 2015

    My explores of late, for various different reasons have been few and far between. Having seen this gem place pop up last month, it was time to get the exploring boots on and get back out there. This Grade 1 Listed Elizabethan Half Timbered House which has housed Royalty now sits quietly...
  18. sj9966

    The Towers, April 2015

    A recent evening visit to this old Asylum. A place that has been on the radar for a while but for various reasons has always been a tricky one. One part has been converted for a number of years, the other part was partially in use by the NHS up until last year (I think). Demolition / conversion...
  19. sj9966

    The Forgemasters, The Black Country 2015

    A recent very short visit to this old drop forging works crammed pack full of old engineering goodies! The company still exists but has moved to new premises not far away. It's surprising so much stuff has been left behind, the maintenance shop looks like it could be fired back up in no time...
  20. sj9966

    Apartment block rooftops, Pripyat - October 2014

    Cracking shots here, very nice!

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