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  1. Banshee =}

    Ushaw Catholic Seminary - September 2013

    One beautiful sunny Sunday morning :cool: Headed to off Ushaw North East of England with two complete strangers :errr: (non members lovely couple) after meeting up at local Mc Donalds for fill up and get to know you's ;) we were off :jump Enough of that crap now down to business Don't...
  2. Banshee =}

    St Johns Asylum - 16/2/13

    Twos a nice fresh sunny morning ... blah blah blah :lol: .... am not going to bore you with history or anything else for that matter ... probably be reports on quite a number of occasion's ... so i'll just share a few pics ... hope you like :cool2:
  3. Banshee =}

    Great Britain Banshee's Mansion =} - 23/2/13

    i have visited this place several times now ... love the place but so run down and unloved :( now for a bit history on the place :spider: Built in 1899 by the famous shipbuilder and entrepreneur William C. Gray, the son of Sir William Gray also of shipbuilding fame, it was the Gray family’s...
  4. Banshee =}

    Colliery - Sunday 17th Feb 2013

    This is my first ever report so please bare with me :grin: Payed a visit to this beauty last Sunday ... after an hour of scawering the fence ... we were in :cool2: Now for a bit history on the joint :thumb Colliery known as “The Dukeries� because of the number of stately homes in the area...

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