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  1. Wevsky

    Great Britain One Mans Nuclear Bunker may 2020

    This is a unique little Bunker, there is no history no photographs and nothing of any worth actually documented online, in fact the only brief mention is on a very obscure website which talks about various Philosophers/Authors who are no longer with us and it mentioned the fact the owner, who...
  2. Wevsky

    Godstone Main series & Marden Mine Surey 2016

    These two are something myself and Obscurity had discussed and researched a fair bit and then when we where both at a loose end Boxing day 2014 we decided to go seek both and check out our options of access after a few visits and a lot of leg work we came back scratching our heads,fast forward...
  3. Wevsky

    Merstham Stone Quarries 2014-2015

    I have had these on my hard drive since the date above suggests,wasn't going to bother with a report but after seeing some recent activity on here of one of the locations im posting i thought why not! I gave Tucker a shout some years back about a report he had posted and asked if it was the...
  4. Wevsky

    HMS Fervent Ramsgate August 2014

    This is one of those locations that i had read about even before i got into this exploring lark and this was around 2008 and news was it was open for a while and obviosuly then sealed and covered over like it was never there. So after many years the site this was sat on which was the former...
  5. Wevsky

    Forum error!

    Don't know if its just my end or if anyone else gets this from time to time when hitting the post/submit button
  6. Wevsky

    Flo Selecta Derby May 2015

    History blatantly robbed from a quote form Paul powers post on this from a few years back ! Last explore of Full day 1 this was i think and we met up with a couple of Friends from forum and facebook alike to say hi..then off we squeezed and climbed into the In-fall which apart from the nice...
  7. Wevsky

    Megatron Sheffield May 2015

    You don't see many reports from me these days and then shitloads come your way so im sorry for my inane waffling in the write ups ,i normaly post something brief then slap pics up! Megatron is a massive storm drain and a culverted section of the river sheaf just before it joins the river Don in...
  8. Wevsky

    Sidedraft Drain Manchester May 2015

    Sidedraft is one of 7 culverts along the Gore brook,well so it seems from checking a few reports.There is an overflow from the sewer and a lovely chamber to stand on to look down on the flow of teh poops.. Have to say the water in parts wast fast moving which made the walk down easy enough but...
  9. Wevsky

    Hulme Flumes Little Brother + Umist Manchester May 2015

    This was the 2nd explore on my last day up sunny North with Paul.where i knew i was going to need something a little heavier than my Velbon tripod which fitted nicely inside my rucksack,so entry to a few of the places visited was ballache with tut tripod on the outside of my bag which pissed me...
  10. Wevsky

    The Works Manchester May 2015

    I am not going to pretend i am some sort of expert on the working of such places and the facts of what it is exactly but what i do know is walking up the pipe i was met by about an inch of fat which disguised the fact there was shit floating around with the wet wipes and fanny plasters under...
  11. Wevsky

    Holme Bank Chert Mine bakwell May 2015

    Visited with Paul Powers and 2nd explore of my second day up there at his place!Doing a report on this one first though mainly for the reason i like these pictures enough to want to share on here,and there on my pc ready to go Brief and i mean brief exerct of history taken from tut net Holme...
  12. Wevsky

    AEI Cable Works Air Raid Shelter Febuary 2015

    Wasnt going to do a report as ive bunged the odd one up here and there but the wifes blocked my view of the tv with a table she is painting so here goes.. We first visited this place back in 2011 with some comedy gold access to boot! Access was as funny if not funnier this time round ,Big...
  13. Wevsky

    Ghost bus tunnel Jan 2015

    As The_Raw asked me so nicely heres a report even tho i posted some in photo of the day Wasn't going to do a report as to be honest after tails of PIR's being present we kinda expected when was triggered for loud alarms to go off,so we avoided the area. Baron kindly told us he set one off and...
  14. Wevsky

    Belgium Belgium mine Jan 2015

    This place has a codename but to be honest i just can't bring myself to use it,it is a tad silly in my opinion and after all i am a mature grown up type of chap,so this name will have to do! This was the second to last explore on a trip i was invited on by The_raw after someone pulled out,we...
  15. Wevsky

    Mote Park Mine Kent december 2014

    Not much to say about this one ,It was a Ragstone mine for building stone, probably 19th century,there has been much rumour of tunnels under this area and not much actual information ,seems it was opened up many years ago and surveyed after it had been sealed up in the 1960's,some evidence of...
  16. Wevsky

    GRS Network Paris Catacombs December 2014

    This was originally an invite kindly offered by Mr Jobs for me and the wife,the wife had to decline due to ill health so i jumped at the chance of 3 days under paris with a bunch of strange chaps in waders. Was picked up by Maniac along with non member Mr perry to then head to dover to meet...
  17. Wevsky

    RM Deep Refuge Kent August 2014

    Wasn't going to do a report seeing as how Woody covered it so nicely but it has been a while since my last report and i thought why not.Rumour has it that the place is locked up but doesn't sound like its been locked officially either so really not sure of the state of play here! This did have...
  18. Wevsky


  19. Wevsky

    Ukraine Chernobyl ,Duga3 & Pripyat April 2014

    This was organised by some great lads who worked it out so we had decent accommodation Very good guides and made the trip worth every penny. The list of names of those present is never ending but Bigjobs and Hils, SX-riffraff where there as where quite a few other bods some of who you know.Cant...
  20. Wevsky

    Lenser P7.2

    Some technical info first The LED Lenser® P7.2 Professional Torch is a medium-sized handheld torch that has all the best features of the P7, and offers even more in performance, design, durability and efficiency. This is lighter and brighter than its predecessor, weighing in at just 175g with...