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  1. Silent Night

    West ham county asylum Jan 2013

    Explored with SK and mrs silent will not forget how hot this place was nearly ended up stripping of :errr: :o oh no they left someone behind
  2. Silent Night

    Great Britain North Weald airfield 2 x DC4 aircraft (Nov 2012) 2013

    So 1 freezing cold wet winter morning we headed out to take a flight to sunny spain thanks to SK's dodgy directions we ended up here :P economy class sucked And that was our holiday down the swanny
  3. Silent Night

    HMS Ganges (shore establishment) July 2013

    Cracking day out explored with Skeleton Key Mr W J Jordan, the New Zealand High Commissioner, with a group of New Zealand sailors at in front of the masthead and figurehead of HMS Ganges Must have been there day off :) Good job 1 of us is employed by the home...
  4. Silent Night

    Un named location splore videooooooo Dec 12

    Forgive the editing skills i'm barely a half decent photographer let alone video man lol
  5. Silent Night

    Storm Drain 2013

    Ventured out again with SK and got a few feet underground as we where in the area no history on this 1 i'm afraid just had fun with it nice 1 trog will call this a mad moment :D And your out
  6. Silent Night

    Redoubt Fort North Weald Sept/Oct 12

    2 part visit interesting place just a shame about the severe flooding,sorry about the picture quality she is a bit old Between 1889 and 1903 13 Mobilisation Centres were built as part of the London Defence Scheme. Their main function was as a store for guns, small arms ammunition, tools and...