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  1. jane doe

    Germany Chocolate Factory / Factory for health food products (10/2020)

    Beautiful photos what an amazing place to explore :)
  2. jane doe

    Great Britain Clydebank Playdrome - Sep 2020

    That is awesome ...lovely photos :)
  3. jane doe

    Germany Underground bunker (Dec 2020)

    Like that ..great set of photos :)
  4. jane doe

    Great Britain St cadocs. Dec 2020

    That looks really nice inside ...great set of pics :)
  5. jane doe

    Great Britain Tabley old hall dec 20

    That looks like a beautiful ruin ...great you got your photos and it sounds like a bit of a mission getting there :)
  6. jane doe

    Great Britain Mary's Farm (July 2020)

    Gem of a place ...the cobwebs are awesome ....lovely photos :)
  7. jane doe

    Great Britain Glasgow School Board - Sep 2020

    That is really nice :) love all the peely paint and railings ..great report
  8. jane doe

    Severalls hospital panorama

    Just looked at the link ... always sad when an asylum goes.... good time at sevs ...juat a real shame i didnt have a camera when i went :(
  9. jane doe

    Great Britain Lost buildings and Old Derps

    SRHQ 4.2 Regional Government Bunker, Hertford explored 2012 , demolished 2016
  10. jane doe

    Great Britain Lost buildings and Old Derps

    Yes its sad that st peters mortuary has gone as like you say " it was a proper urbex perennial "
  11. jane doe

    Great Britain Allostock Station (garden centre)

    That is so nice to see something different .. lovely set of photos :)
  12. jane doe

    Great Britain Lost buildings and Old Derps

    St Peters Mortuary Chertsey : explored 2014 demolished 2020
  13. jane doe

    Great Britain Lost buildings and Old Derps

    Old Church Hospital Nurses Home : explored 2012 demolished 2015
  14. jane doe

    Great Britain Lost buildings and Old Derps

    Nice idea :) I have a few : Barrow Gurney Hospital ( Asylum ) Explored 2010 all of the hospital was demolished by 2017 and replaced with housing Bristol
  15. jane doe

    Germany Pump Station - visited 10/2020

    Lovely set of photos
  16. jane doe

    Great Britain Quarry farm, N Wales. August 2020

    Very nice some great bits in there especially the mangle :)
  17. jane doe

    Great Britain Malthouse Farm - Sept 19

    That is beautifully photogenic inside the hallway tiled floor ... lovely photos and report :)
  18. jane doe

    Great Britain Yorkshire tea November 2019

    Great set of photos ... you probably could of done with a nice brew up there while taking your photos :)
  19. jane doe

    Great Britain GKN Factory - Birmingham - Oct 20

    Love your photos... there is some great decay in there :)