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  1. Shush

    Netherlands Big Monastery July 2013

    Wow, thats a bit noice!
  2. Shush

    Great Britain Not Certain College, Sept 2013 (Pic heavy)

    Lovely pics there chuck really need to get to this place not Ive been to its big brother, love it
  3. Shush

    Great Britain Broadoaks Manor - Surrey - Sept 2012

    Could have moved your furniture straight in there Nelly, very nice
  4. Shush

    Crewe Poo - Sept 2013

    Ewwwww pewwwwww :)
  5. Shush

    GKN Tunnels, Birmingham - Sept 2013

    Verrrrrrrrry noice!
  6. Shush

    Firth brown medical center, SEP2013

    lovely lovely place! smashing
  7. Shush

    F&B Underground medical centre, Sheffield - Aug 2013

    This place is a real little treasure, which I thought had been sealed. Smashing to see it pop up again
  8. Shush

    Megatron, Sheffield - Aug 2013

    I like the looks of that place.....oh I so need to do a drain!
  9. Shush

    Great Britain The Courts July 2013 (PIC HEAVY)

    The man with no face, OMG Lovely pics as always sweetie :)
  10. Shush

    Brinksway deep level shelter, Stockport - Aug 2013

    Love it Paul, great to see the bunks and bogs, not something I've seen often
  11. Shush

    Mines, August 2013

    Very nice chuck :)
  12. Shush

    Belgium Red Fire Truck Hospital - July 2013

    Super pictures of the window BOS really very nice set of the place
  13. Shush

    London Road air-raid shelter, Portsmouth - (Visited 2010) 2013

    Love the signs make its use more real somehow, thanks for sharing Harry :)
  14. Shush

    Mansfield Hospital

    soooooooo sad :(
  15. Shush

    Great Britain Coke Works August 2013

    Bloody hell Girl you work fast, I'm still sorting out last weekends shizzle! Cracking pics, and I think one of my favourite explores, you made it look good chuck
  16. Shush

    Miley Tunnel 18/08/2013 IMAGE HEAVY

    I do love a paranormal LED :)
  17. Shush

    Dalton Tower rooftop views - (visited January 2011) - 2013

    Thats a really nice set, Id be well chuffed with that, cheers for sharing
  18. Shush

    Great Britain Ivy Farm Manor, Hampole, Doncaster - August 2013

    Nice to hear the story behind that place, nice set and great report :)
  19. Shush

    Great Britain George W King Ltd - Hertfordshire - Aug 2013

    mmmmmmm wonder what was behind those locked doors! nice set chuck :)
  20. Shush

    Spain Majorca Army Base July 2013 (warning very pic heavy)

    Great set chap, glad to see you enjoying your hols :)