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  1. Luke

    Thamesteel, Kent - Feb 2014

    January 2012 350 members of staff at this Sheerness based steelworks made the usual morning trek to work only to find their jobs gone and their months wage-packet along with it. Thamesteel had gone into administration. Despite a small glimmer of hope for the former employees livelihoods in June...
  2. Luke

    There And Back Again or Belgium, October 2013

    Disclaimer: Lots of words. Proceed at your own peril. Day One: The Great No-Claims Write-Off Our story begins on a Thursday afternoon just like any other. A post on Facebook by me ol' mucker Perjury Saint caught my eye. "Bit last minute but I have a plus one going for Belgium if anyone is...
  3. Luke

    How do's

    Good day. I know a good few of you guys already so a quick hello from me to those I don't and a nice to see you again to those I do. I was on 28dl as Luke Takes Pictures, now I'm finally just Luke and all the more thankful for it. I'm known for having spent more time stomping down Severalls'...