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  1. The_Raw

    Germany juterbog, former GDR, Altes Lager military camp.

    I've not been to this part yet. Still looks like a decent wander! This is just down the road:
  2. The_Raw

    Great Britain Regional Goverment Bunker SRHQ 4.2 Hertford August 2012

    Nice! I didn't have the luxury of lights when I went. Definitely looks much better with them on. I wonder if it's still there underneath the new housing :unsure:
  3. The_Raw

    Great Britain RAF Coltishall Pool - sept 19

    Really like the design of the building with that sloped roof
  4. The_Raw

    Germany Winter quarters (Feb. 2021)

    I really like this. Something a bit different and unique 🤡
  5. The_Raw

    Other Peri Castle - 3 CC AD very rarely visited

    I hope to visit some time when the pandemic is over
  6. The_Raw

    Other Peri Castle - 3 CC AD very rarely visited

    Very interesting. I don't think we've ever had any reports from Azerbaijan before. Thanks for sharing! :)
  7. The_Raw

    Other Nargin island - abandoned and spooky

    Thanks for sharing. I've never heard of this island before. What a horrendous history! 😲 Your report would be better with a few more photos but still enjoyable
  8. The_Raw

    Poland The Old Farm Near Warsaw, 06/2020

    That's pretty cool
  9. The_Raw

    Hungary Postabank, Budapest, Hungary, 02/2020

    Always nice architecture in Budapest. Shame about the graffiti though
  10. The_Raw

    Germany Hotel with restaurant at the park (visited 10/2020)

    Wow that's awesome @Andy. Some incredible photos. By the way some of the pictures aren't being displayed for some reason
  11. The_Raw

    Ukraine Culture palace energetics (Feb 2019)

    I'd really like to go back here and take better photos once this pandemic is behind us. Definitely one of the most interesting buildings in Pripyat. Those murals and propaganda posters are amazing
  12. The_Raw

    France Château Shiva Hindu (Feb 2020)

    Wow there's a lot going on in there. Looks like a fascinating explore
  13. The_Raw

    France Hôpital Ami Popper (Nov. 2019)

    There's a time and a place for graffiti and this is definitely not it. What a bunch of dicks
  14. The_Raw

    Great Britain Grange Farm - Oct 20

    Damn that's a bit battered but definitely still has some charm about it
  15. The_Raw

    Great Britain Gattonside House - Sep 2020

    As I was looking through I was thinking that's a pretty decent looking house, and then got to the chapel, absolute stunner! Sounds like you timed it just right. Some great shots too 👏
  16. The_Raw

    Luxembourg Thermal power plant, Lux - 2019

    Shame they emptied the turbine hall but this part is really cool as well. I didn't see a lot of these bits when I went so maybe worth a revisit some time!
  17. The_Raw

    Belgium Hospital R 12/2020

    Great shots!
  18. The_Raw


    Love the colours and decay in these shots