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  1. oldskool

    Great Britain Gt Manor With The Urbex Addition Tom Tom ..Sep 25 2011

    Ive wanted to shoot this place for a long time so hooked up with Rusty and made a full day out of it, this being the first of four sites .......ManorG T was settled in the Anglo-Saxon era. Ælfric of Abingdon held the manor of G T by 990 and became Archbishop of Canterbury in 995. Ælfric died in...
  2. sj9966

    Harold Wood Morgue, July 2011

    Some pics from this once excellent, now demolished morgue that was part of the Harold Wood Hospital in Essex. Not too many locations like this in the UK at present, few and far between! Visited in July 2011.
  3. oldskool

    Great Britain Beeston Maltings - August 2011

    Visited with Host Weve done a few sites over the last two years but these maltings gave us the creeps there was an uneasiness about this explore i wont be paying it a second visit.For an epic history please click the link below cheers 1. 2...
  4. B

    Alloy Wheel Factory, Belgium October 2011 - 2013

    This was an odd explore, from the front of the building it looked like a standard office block but the inside told a different story. First off, some fairly standard looking CNC machines - but the further in we ventured the clearer it became. There was an entire production line left in situ for...
  5. Frosty

    Snaregate street visited jan 2011 - 2013 posted

    Nice place this! Visited with Fortknox0 Maniac Wevsky Obscurity and i cant remember for the life of me who else lol. Shame things have changed now as bits are cleared out... :( Thanks for looking!
  6. Frosty

    DUMPY - Dover - 2011 visit, 2013 post

    Just chucking this back up as redoing all my reports, visited with fortknox0, history is on his report, truely a special place! Sorry its pic heavy! Frosty.
  7. Gigi

    School O - Visited 2011 (several visits)

    A superb place.. It is a school and features beautiful gardens, ruined church, derelict labs, art classroom, an old manor house, amphitheatre, canteen, swimming pool, music room. e.t.c It's got a lot! I have been here many times now,(without permission haha) and have shot it professionally for...
  8. skeleton key

    Former Animal testing Lab's -2011

    • VID clip couryesy of Troglodite SK
  9. Flava

    Hantergantick Quarry, St.Breward, Bodmin, Cornwall. Jan 2011

    The granite quarry at St Breward's primary function was to supply the building blocks for the re build of Bodmin's notorious Gaol back in the mid 1800's. But granite blocks from this St Breward source have built great bridges and cobbled our roads far and wide, giving rise to some of the most...
  10. Flava

    English China Clay Cornwall 2011

    The Cornish Alps began to dominate the landscape as every ton of usable china clay that was mined brought with it five tonnes of waste. Railways and tramways were built to transport the material to the coast. By 1910, Cornwall was producing some fifty per cent of the world's china clay...
  11. Flava

    Great Britain Tone Mills. Wellington, 2011

    Stopped off here on the way back from a Birmingham day trip what a stunning site and well worth the detour hope you enjoy the photos Tone Mill in Wellington is the last woollen mill in the West Country, with a priceless collection of original machinery still in place in the wet finishing works...
  12. silverainbow

    Dumpy, Dover Castle, November 2011

    Ive been dying to get in here for ages, Ive heard so much about the place, seen so many pictures and read so much history, I thought Id never get the opportunity so when I heard that EH were doing tours I though Id dip into my pocket and "Go See", History more than covered by Fortknox and Frosty...
  13. Wevsky

    Clapham South DLS december 2011

    Big Shout To Ratfink And OliverGT for letting us know and for all the hard work and effort they put in. And for the ever so useful intel! Visited with Space Invader and Obscurity… This was my second of the Clapham Shelters and didn’t spend as much time exploring this one as we did Clapham...
  14. Nelly

    Kensal Green Cemetery - London - Oct 2011

    Not really derelict, but it was a quality mooch!!! _________________________________________________ The General Cemetery of All Souls, Kensal Green, is one of England's oldest and most beautiful public burial grounds The plan for London's first garden cemetery was initiated by the...
  15. Nelly

    Cold Christmas Church - Thunderidge - Herts - Dec 2011

    This tower is reported to be one of the most haunted church's in the UK (If you believe that old twaddle), situated in the middle of nowhere and only accessed by a miles trek on foot. So there was no better time to visit it than at night ;) Visited with Skeleton Key, Billy The Bulldozer and...
  16. R

    Baby Tower Crane, Ramsgate - December 2011

    I had been eyeing this crane for a while - it has been there for roughly a month or two, and recently I decided - why not have a crack at it?! It is very small as tower cranes go, but this isn't London, so we don't get many down here. This was my first crane and I loved it! After the initial...
  17. Nelly

    Detached Bastion - Dover - Nove 2011

    The forth and final splore on a great day out in Kent Those in attendance were Skeleton Key, UrbanX, Trog & Mrs Trog, Wevsky, Space Invader and Urban Ginger The History Bit The North Centre and Detached Bastions are located between the Drop Redoubt and the Citadel on the Western Heights...
  18. H

    Hartford Mill Oldham nov 2011

    Shame this mill is soooooooo abused it would have housed a well nice engine in the old engine house..... Built 1907 by the Hartford Mill (Oldham)Co Ltd. Extended 1920 and 1924. Closed 1959 and used by Littlewoods as a mail order warehouse until 1992. Architect was F W Dixon, there were 120,000...
  19. Nelly

    St Martins Deep Shelter - Dover - Nov 2011

    Splored with Skeleton Key, UrbanX, Wevsky, SpaceInvader, Troglodyte, Mrs Troglodyte, Urban Ginger and Ian ______________________________________________________ Planning for this battery situated just south east of the Drop Redoubt started around 1853 and completed in the 1870's and was...
  20. Space Invader

    Snargate Tunnels East, Dover ,nov 2011

    visited with ... wevsky, fortknoxo,one flew east ,maniac and chewbacca a little history... This is the Eastern end of a large tunnel complex in Snargate Street, which began as separate tunnels but were linked during WW2 for use as air raid shelters. The main part of this section is the 900ft...

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