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  1. jane doe

    Great Britain Dorton House School 2013

    Dorton House, formerly known as Wildernesse, is a Grade II listed Georgian mansion house in Seal, Kent, near Sevenoaks; until 2013 it was used as the headquarters for the Royal London Society for the Blind (RLSB) and as housing for the blind and partially sighted children who attended its...
  2. S

    USA Brach's Candy Factory 13 May, 2013 part one

    This is from a exploration on the 13th of May, 2013. These pictures are mostly the east buildings from the interior. Second set will be south end and my favorites, the roof. Brach’s Candy was a Chicago (and world) candy factory legend. This facility, one of the largest candy factories in the...
  3. jane doe

    School Folkestone 2013

  4. Andy

    Germany Chocolate factory - August 2013

    I visited the chocolate factory already more than four years ago. Inside it was partly very dark - much darker than it looks in the photos. The plaster had fallen from the ceiling; a gray damp mud lay on the floor and stuck stubbornly to the shoes. After the owner died, the factory was closed...
  5. SigloV

    Laudoun Castle Theme Park, Scotland - 2014

    So, after discovering a thread I convinced my camera club that Loudon would be worth a wee visit. We set off this evening to explore and take some photos. Remarkably easy to get in, despite the big gate - it was just a matter of walking around the outside of the gate and then up to driveway to...
  6. Tuner111

    2013 Showreel urbex

    Enjoy !

    Pyestock 2 Visits early 2013

    RIP :jump :jump
  8. seaside_rambler

    Detatched Bastion, Dover - Sept 2013

    We popped in here over the summer for the first time, quite liked it here, nice and peaceful...until I heard someone outside with their lad, peeped out the access hole to see none other that our own Silverainbow Was a busy day, as a poor badger had found his way in, but sadly not his way out...
  9. northerngeek

    Old Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. (2013)

    Lier Mental Hospital, Norway Built 1921, 5 buildings closed 1985 the Interior was removed 2010. Demolition started Autumn 2013 and the Photos from july 2013, from just one of the buildings. The Hospital area still has several buildings in full use. r...

    Battersea Power Station - London - November 2013

    Hello, I have had this on my list for a long time and after a few messages we arranged a meet. Access was piss easy and we didn't see anyone or security. got lost loads of times inside and found the famous white room show flat but couldn't find access to the other control room. A revisit is on...
  11. Timster1973

    Battersea [PICCY HEAVY] October 2013

    Evening all, I'm sure that its OK to post in here now considering the amount of people that are doing it lately? If not, please move and accept my apologies. I'll try not to bog down the post with too many photos, as I have a lot more to go and a lot on Flickr. Lots of detail shots in with...
  12. Landie_Man

    Battersea? Again? Surely Not?!?!- October 2013

    Well here we go, I’ve wanted to crack this for a few years but never got round to it, and once again Northern_Ninja came to my aid. So to help my continuing depression and sadness, I decided a trip here was on the cards. We planned to go the following evening, but with meal plans...
  13. Maniac

    The Hobbit House - Sept 2013

    I wasn't going to bother putting up a report anywhere on this, as we got caught by the farmer and he's pretty fed up with people going onto his land to photograph it, he actually asked us not to post the images on the net anywhere. To be fair I can understand as it must be quite exasperating for...
  14. Maniac

    Battersea Powerstation, London - Oct 2013

    Yes, it's another Battersea report! Well it had to be done really, I've put it off long enough, what with stories of ruthless security and a guaranteed night in the cells if you got caught, the place being like a maze if you didn't know it well, the chances of actually getting across...
  15. Mrbeardo

    Ushaw College - Durham- October - 2013

    Was a little disappointed in this, but when I saw the chapel my opinion changed.
  16. skeleton key

    Batersea Power Station - 2013

  17. abandoned world

    Sheffield General Cemetery august 2013

    Sheffield General Cemetery I was in Sheffield and my friend wanted to show me this cemetery so we went and had a look and i must say i really enjoyed walking around even got inside the chapel bonus :) . I like the history of this place too and enjoyed doing the research here is a few photos i...
  18. silverainbow

    Great Britain Arch Cliff Cells & Galleries,Dover, May 2013

    Another one of those Ive been meaning to do for ages, Its normally one of those that people do early on in their explore career but I didnt for some reason, the time never felt right :) , Visited With Ms Penfold, A little history can be found via this link...
  19. skeleton key

    Great Britain St. George's hospital - Hornchurch -Essex -June - 2013

    Thankful there was enough remaining to grab some shots and at the same time have a good giggle Splored With Lara,Trog and peaches In the back area of the stage Lara found some costumes and the silliness began. Beds began to roll up and down the corridors . Better not to ask...
  20. Unexposed Exploration

    Great Britain fletcher convalescent home 2013

    Hello everyone! I never used to post reports often. But over the last 3 days & joining this forum has put me into a real good mood and the feedback has been amazing!! Thank you all This was an explore i was not to sure about. I did not like the location and it had a spooky feel about the...