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  1. Urban Relics

    Belgium Brains Tower - July 2018

    This was a really fun explore, even though it was quite challenging... It was challenging on a photography level, because the highest part of the tower was pitch black. Every photo we made up there had to be made with additional light. Luckily, to this end I always carry a small, but strong...
  2. Urban Relics

    Belgium Wet Dogs Plant - August 2018

    A friend asked me recently what my favorite location was so far. It would surely have to be one of the industrial sites I’ve visited and this one, an abandoned power plant, that was part of a large steel mill, was certainly among the top favorites! Even though the steel mill it was attached to...
  3. KPUrban_

    Great Britain Shoreham Cement, December 2018

    Shoreham Cement Works. Image from the CementKilns website The works them selves are dug within the chalk pits which the raw materials for the cement was mined from with the production of cement beginning in 1883. The works are in the ideal spot for producing cement as they had river...
  4. Sectionate

    Great Britain Hougham Battery Dressing Station, 2018

    When you hit a dry spell exploring, or feel the need to just get out and do something, you can always rely on Dover providing for a good day. This is probably my 5th trip down to dover over the years and it has always provided something fun to do! I can remember being told about Hougham years...
  5. KPUrban_

    Great Britain Barrington Cement Works, 2018

    Replacing a former site to the west this cement works started to mine and produce cement products between 1918 and 1927.  The works used a Light Railway system to transport materials from the quarry to the wash mill and main works. Instead of using vehicles. Operating up to 2008 the works were...
  6. Paradox

    Great Britain Haile Sand Fort - Humber Estuary - September 2018

    The Sieging of the Forts - Part One - Haile Sand Fort - September 2018 I'd like to say that I'm never quite sure how I end up on such crazy escapades, but the truth is I'm married to Bigjobs, so crazy escapades suddenly being sprung on me shouldn't come as any surprise. This little adventure...
  7. obscureserenity

    Great Britain Springfield Hospital - October 2018

    History The Surrey County Pauper Lunatic Asylum was originally established in 1841 under the County Asylum’s act which was passed in 1809. This meant that counties became legally obliged to provide an asylum for their psychiatric patients or 'lunatics' as they were then known as. Due to...
  8. D

    Great Britain St Paul's church Leicester October 2018

    History St pauls church in Leicester is an early french Gothic style church based in Leicester. Grade II listed, st Paul's closed in 2003 after the parish moved to a modernised church nearby. The church was concentrated in 1871. Local materials were used to build the church and work appears to...
  9. Sectionate

    France Hennocque V2 Storage Quarry, France 2018

    This place was huge. Like seriously huge. Makes Box look like a shoe cupboard! Visited last year. History: The history of the Hennocque quarry pre-dates World War Two and takes its name from the family who operated the quarry for three generations under their family business, Aubin-Hennocque...
  10. Paradox

    France Sanitarium Delirium - France - October 2018

    Sanatorium Delirium So I've been so busy getting my dumbex youtube channel, FB page and Insta up to like 20 billion views, likes, shares and subscribers I haven't had time to post anything here. Ok we all know that is bullshit, I have one video of dolphins on my youtube with 0 likes and deffo...
  11. Tomvandutch

    France Maison Pivert (Nov 2018)

    This villa with other outbuildings used to host a guest house. n the meantime, this building has been abandoned to decay.
  12. Tomvandutch

    France Leg-Factory (Nov 2018)

    his former stocking factory once produced stockings for many well-known brands. Here, besides the great architecture, there is still a lot to see.
  13. Merryprankster

    Red Sands Sea forts - Aug - 2018

    First report in a couple years, still been getting out and about but just been very busy with other life admin for reports, got a day at home on the sick twiddling my thumbs so thought i would write summit up about our trip to red sands last year. Did the trip with bigjobs, paradox, riddlers...
  14. Tomvandutch

    Belgium Usine Skeleton (Jul. 2018)

    In this former factory building, the famous StreetArt artist ROA has created some great graffiti. The outbuildings have already been demolished and apartments have been built there. So it's only a matter of time until this location disappears.
  15. Tomvandutch

    Hospital B (Sep. 2018)

    In the meantime, the demolition work in this hospital is very advanced. Last year we had the opportunity to take some nice pictures there.
  16. Tomvandutch

    France Manoir Colimaçon (May 2018)

    In the middle of France is this architecturally interesting house. The architectural style is unusual but interesting.
  17. The_Raw

    Albania Albanian Road Trip - November 2018

    Albania is one of those countries where I didn't really know what to expect. Recent history saw the collapse of communism in the 90s which caused the economy to crash. Since then It has made remarkable economic progress, growing from one of the poorest nations in Europe to a middle-income...
  18. urblex

    Great Britain Clypse Lodge, Isle of Man - 2018

    Visited with 3 non members not really knowing much about the place other than it looked pretty cool from the outside. Damp and water damage had done a pretty good job on the place but it was still well worth visiting and the start of an amazing day.  History Can't really find much on this...
  19. MK17SWL

    George AFB USAF Hospital - December 2018

    Alright, this is my first post on here but I will get right to it. This hospital is trashed beyond belief but was still fun to explore. It was shut down in 1992 after the USAF pulled out of George AFB following the end of the cold war. These pictures were taken in December of 2018.
  20. Tomvandutch

    Belgium Maison Martini (Sep. 2018)

    In a small Belgian village is this house on the roadside. There are still a few things that are worth being photographed. In the meantime it should not look like the pictures anymore .