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  1. Landie_Man

    Great Britain The Methodist Central Hall / Q Club, Birmingham - September 2018

    I had been waiting to do this one for a month or so; but simply hadn't found the time to hop on the M40 and up to Brum.   It was a good opportunity to meet up with some explorers whom I have been chatting to for the best part of ten years or so and do an explore at the same time!   We arrived...
  2. Landie_Man

    Great Britain The Springs Hotel, Wallingford, Oxfordshire - August 2018

    So back in August (yes I'm slow as ever!); a non-explorer friend and myself visited The Springs in Wallingford, which at the time was a bit of a local tourist trap; but it was an afternoon out! It had really dawned on me at this point which way this hobby is going these days.  No word of a lie...
  3. lucan

    Great Britain The Orangery, Stoke - July 2018

    Built in 1808.  Tucked away in the corner of a public garden and in need of repair Apart from a grumpy old boy telling me im not supposed to be here it was a nice little place  thanks for looking
  4. Landie_Man

    Great Britain TradeTeam Beer Warehouse, Glos - July 2018

    Back in July en-route to the 28DL Bristol meet, Mookster and myself explored this disused D H L TradeTeam beer storage warehouse in Gloucestershire. The day was a mixture of fails and successes and while this one looked pretty solidly sealed from the outside, at the back there has clearly been...
  5. lucan

    Stone Circle, Shropshire 2018

    A small mini stonehenge  . built in about 1850 its about 35 feet  wide with upright pillars with iron fixings to hold it togeather known localy as the temple thanks for looking
  6. Tanya Rees

    Great Britain Joan we love you ! - October 2018 - UK

    AMAZING explore. It looks like the owners had started packing up then decided to leave it - her whole life is just left, medication, money, credit cards, glasses, clothes, hundreds of books, electricity still on after 8years !!! Beautiful house with so much history - little gem
  7. Tanya Rees

    Great Britain Open all Hours ! - October 2018

    Abandoned shop and home - This place has been abandoned for some time right in the middle of a village, sorry I'm unable to give much more information as these next two posts I have promised not to give out the locations to preserve the site and I would not want to jeopardize my source as I...
  8. The_Raw

    Sanatorium Gruziya, Abkhazia - October 2018

    Gagra is a seaside resort in Abkhazia, a de facto republic in northwestern Georgia. It used to be a popular holiday destination until the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict broke out in 1992. Like much of Abkhazia, it has since become a shadow of its former self. The beaches are quiet and hundreds of...
  9. Dmc68

    Great Britain Plas Gwynfryn - June 2018

    Nice place to visit, not much to see, but easy enough to get to. I did have a farmer watching me walk up the path, but nothing come of it,    A good bit of history here: My Video   
  10. Dmc68

    Hal Ferh, Malta - March 2018

    Been wanting to get in this place ever since I saw it years ago. These are just a few pictures I took The Ghajn Tuffieha Military Camp dates back to the late 19th century. By 1910, a formal military camp was in place consisting of timber ’Crimea Huts’ which were later replaced with more...

    Belgium Abattoir - Belgium - October 2018

    The abattoir opened in 1960 and closed in early 2017. They opened up a new abattoir which can slaughter over 2 million pigs a year. This site will now be demolished for 100 houses, which is a relief to local residents who wanted the abattoir closed. 
  12. Dmc68

    Great Britain Calcott Hall (The Red Dress Manor) - Oct 2018

    I visited this place back in March this year but was unable to get, so all I did was a video of the outside.. But as I was going past the place on route to another I thought Id give it another try, bingo I was in, nature has certainly taken over now. and its been...
  13. The_Raw

    Georgia Tkvarcelli Power Plant / Akarmara, Abkhazia - October 2018

    Tkvarcelli was an important coal mining town in the war torn region of Abkhazia, a de facto independent republic which remains internationally recognised as part of Georgia. During the Abkhazian war (from 1992 to 93), Tkvarcheli withstood, through Russian humanitarian and military aid, an uneasy...
  14. lucan

    Ding Ding Tickets Please - Sept 2018

    this was the last stop on our last wales day out,  i used to stop off here for bacon buttys and coffe many years ago while on the bike heading to wales ,  nice lady used to run the cafe and her husband even offerd me a job in the workshop restoring classic cars  from some previous reports ive...
  15. Grindle

    Duga Radar station former USSR chernobyl April 2018

    was lucky enough to spend 3 days in the exclusion zone earlier this year; some shote within the former USSR "secret" Radar Station

    Belgium Oceade – Brussels - Belgium - October 2018

    Océade was an indoor waterpark in Brussels, Belgium and the largest of its kind in the Brussels Capital Region. Originally part of a 3 park franchise, the other 2 parks located in France, it was the only park to remain in business after the French divisions closed. Running at a loss, the park...
  17. The_Raw

    Sanatorium Shakhtar, Tskaltubo, Georgia - October 2018

    Tskaltubo was a popular spa resort, famous for its healing mineral waters and radon bath treatments. The first sanatoriums with in-patient facilities were built in 1925 and in 1931 Tskaltubo was designated as a spa resort by the Soviet government. Under the communist regime, a spa break was a...
  18. lucan

    Great Britain Carpet Factory - Midlands 2018

    Not much left , not vandalised and loads of decay and bird poo and dive bomming  pigeons, been closed a few years now  on with the pics thanks for looking
  19. lucan

    QL decoy command post 2018 shropshire

    all that remains of a decoy airfield  small bunker type construction with a searchlight mounted on top  and a small room at the back to house a gennerator fires would have been light at night at this location to fool the german bombers to target here instead of  the real site a few miles away...
  20. lucan

    Great Britain Old Tarts House , Midlands - 2018

    Spotted this while out and about so popped in for a look, not a great deal left behind In the middle of a small town on the Shropshire border Had to be fairly quiet as it is surrounded by houses Looks like its not been lived in for a couple of years A stable block out back, loads of TV sets...