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  1. M

    I need advice

    Firstly, I don't know if this is the correct place to post this. Secondly, I've discovered an underground access pipe that have evidence of being lived in a long while ago but I'm not sure how to enter. There's no ladder or stair system and those pipes are very dank and dark. I need some advice...
  2. X

    I Need Advice for Asking Permission

    Hello, so as you can tell (if you go to my profile) I am new here and this is the first post that I hope people will reply too with good advice. So I am a YouTuber that's an aspiring director and writer, and I'm starting off with making youtube videos and something called "the chilling...
  3. O

    Kings Park Psych Center

    Over this spring break i'm planning to go to Kings Park Psych Center on Long Island with a few friends of mine to take some photos and explore, i've been to a few abandoned houses around my area but this is the oldest building i'm going to yet and i know there's a lot of mold and asbestos in...
  4. mattkasp_er

    A wee bit of advice?

    As a complete beginner who has spent hours glued to the screen looking through posts online, and without asking anyone to reveal locations (as even I know that's a no-no!), I was wondering if anyone has any advice on finding splores? I've been using google maps, aerial photos and the buildings...
  5. SpyroDaDragon

    Newbie seeking advice?

    Hi All, I am a complete newbie to urban exploration and after viewing several websites etc I have decided to step into the light! Any advice on sites to visit in Surrey would be greatly appreciated. Additionally (please do not judge) I am going to be visiting any recommended sites with my 10...
  6. vanishing days

    new Camera advice

    ello ive managed to scrape together around 700 and am looking for a new camera i currently use a eos 400d wich i love but i find its time to expand tos something more advanced. any tips on good cameras or care to give me a review of the camera you use? cheers for any help
  7. Shadow

    New camera advice (if you please)

    D40 would be a nice choice, if you look on ebay for the D50 or D70 they could also be within your price range if you buy second hand. I would say the D40x would be a great choice, although somewhat more pricey, you might even be able to find a D80 second hand for that price if you look hard...

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