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  1. Paradox

    Great Britain Wigan/Mesnes Park Air Raid Shelter - Wigan - June 2019

    The Great Wiganese Derp Hunt I'm on a roll, I've been out derp hunting again with Jaynelouise and Bigjobs. This time we decided we were going local and we're hitting up the super derps in Wigan ;) I know, I know EVERYWHERE in Wigan has been done many many times because let's be fair there...
  2. Tomvandutch

    Zeljava Air Base

    The Air Base was the largest underground facility in Europe. In the 3.5 Km long tunnels where 80 MIG 21 and up to 1000 soldiers. In the near barracks where 5000 soldiers more. This facility was really huge with all what you need (kitchen, power generators, hospital, fuel tanks, etc.) The...
  3. Anna Jacobsen

    Exploring Ex Soviets Wittstock Air base

    Exploring Ex Soviets Wittstock Air base was a blast. First I must say sorry about the filming as the sd card got currupt some how. It's not my best work
  4. The Urban Tourist

    Private air raid shelter, August 2018

    Imagine that you are preparing yourself for an exploration for like a month and you are dreaming about it for like a year. Then the day finally arrives and EVERYTHING that could stop us happen at the same time. Not only this was a rainy day, but this was the infamous day that a bridge in Italy...
  5. WildBoyz

    AEI Air Raid Shelter, Northfleet - December 2017

    History W. T. Henley was a cable/wire company that was founded in a small London-based workshop in 1837. William Thomas Henley is famous for having converted his old lathe into a wiring covering machine which was used to cover wire with silk and cotton as this was in high demand at the time...
  6. urbexdevil

    The Grove Air Raid Shelter - December 2017

    After a long drive stuck on the glorious M25 for hours on end, the Grove air raid shelters were nearby so took my chance for a quick solo mooch. I have to be honest, these have been on my list for quite some time but wondering around the tunnels the place became somewhat repetitive so I did not...
  7. J

    The Grove Air Raid Shelter - Hertfordshire - Nov 2014

    Dear All, This is my first post on Oblivisionstate even though I have been a member on the Fb page for a while, I thought it was about time I uploaded my photographs on here! You will see that alot of my uploads will be in black and white as this is my preferred medium, with some editing. I...
  8. mookster

    Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Oct 2015

    I wasn't quite sure whether to stick this in military or industrial, but it's more of an industrial site that was used by the military so here it goes. This was my last explore of my American trip, on my last full day in the country and after driving around Trenton having a few fails and being...
  9. urblex

    Traie Meanagh open air swimming pool, Port Erin - 2015

    Hopefully the first of many explores over here, not as good as i was expecting but still a nice little wander. Did this before moving on to Milner's Tower which was pretty dull tbh but if any of the pics from that turn out alright will get a report of that up as well. Couldn't find much...
  10. Tinnitus Doll

    Some air raid shelters from Russia 2015

    Hi! I think that our air raid shelters are quite different from yours. Just take a look! The first is in Ufa. And another two from Clelyabinsk. Thanks for looking!
  11. Wevsky

    AEI Cable Works Air Raid Shelter Febuary 2015

    Wasnt going to do a report as ive bunged the odd one up here and there but the wifes blocked my view of the tv with a table she is painting so here goes.. We first visited this place back in 2011 with some comedy gold access to boot! Access was as funny if not funnier this time round ,Big...
  12. Sectionate

    US Naval Facility / Auxiliary Air Force Base - The Bahamas - 2014

    We stumbled across this one completely by mistake when searching for another beach, made for a good afternoon. A bit of history gleaned from the internet: Originally known as the “US Navy Experimental Facility, Eleutheraâ€Â, the base originated in November 1950 when Western Electric...
  13. MiaroDigital

    Air protection - visit 11/2014

    1. LuftschutzWerkstatt 01 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 2. LuftschutzWerkstatt 02 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 3. LuftschutzWerkstatt 03 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 4. LuftschutzWerkstatt 04 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 5. LuftschutzWerkstatt 05 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr
  14. Nelly

    My Nan's Air Raid Shelter - 2014

    Ventured out with Skeleton Key, Lara and Laird Tam We had got a tip off abut a shaft under Harlow but we didn't have a clue what it was, it had us stumped for a couple of weeks and I even emailed Subbrit I knew I should have just asked my Nan!!! Not only did my wise old Nan know about it...
  15. Paulpowers

    Dodge Hill Air Raid Shelter, Stockport - July 2013

    I had intended on going down a couple of drains but the torrential rain had put an end to my plans and left me in Stockport with nothing to do. I've never been happy with my pics from here and I'm still not happy with the pics from the old entrance. [CENTER] There is now a sleeping bag and...
  16. Paulpowers

    Mesnes Park Air raid Shelters - Wigan - July 2013

    I had seen a couple of pics from the tunnels under the Mesnes park in Wigan and a newspaper article that they were due to be capped off, I was passing by so decided for a dinner time explore to see if I could locate them. With...
  17. skeleton key

    Air raid shelter found West Yorkshire?

    Former Keighley College 6 Lord Street Keighley, West Yorkshire BD21 3DB Gotta be worth a look ? :thumb
  18. Space Invader

    Pierremont Air Raid Shelter, Broadstairs 03/04/ 2011

    The shelter was was built to accommodate around 150 people, and there are two clearly defined phases of construction. The first part is lined with smooth rendered concrete and the second, obviously a later addition, is lined with pre-formed concrete sheets. A bricked up secondary entrance can be...
  19. Space Invader

    Great Britain W T Henley / AEI Cable Works Air Raid Shelter, feb 2011

    After an early sat morning start and the great english weather (PISSING DOWN AGAIN :x ). Me and wevsky head off to pick up obscurity and maniac, After a short drive up to northfleet we meet up with troglodyte peach and kheridr . A quick beer and breakfast stop :beer: then off to AEI henley...
  20. F

    Report - Paragon Air Raid Shelter Ramsgate 2010

    I first did this with obscurity about a year ago and decided i was never going to go back!! but....... i forgot my camera so i had to :rolleyes: !! Visited again a little while back with frosty. After rigging up the abseiling equipment and checking our gear, making sure i had my camera, we...

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