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  1. Himeiji

    Belgium Night in Antwerp metro

    Last week I tried to go to Antwerp metro to take pictures of the tunnels, but the mission was fucked up, because one of the guys opened an emergency door as he wanted to see how alarm works... I only took one good picture by that moment and cannot express how strongly I was pissed off with...
  2. Himeiji

    Belgium Antwerp metro 2018

    For those who is planning to go to Antwerp metro! Beware that it's Belgium, and the actual presence of trams in the tunnels might not be consistent with their schedule! Being already inside one of the tunnels of the active line, we suddenly heard noise behind. I checked the schedule in advance...
  3. WildBoyz

    Belgium Village of Doel, Belgium - August 2017

    History The village of Doel is said to date back to 1267. It was originally known as ‘De Doolen’ (‘border water’) and up until the eighteenth century it was essentially an island surrounded by flooded plains. For many years, due to its unusual geographical location, it was unclear which...
  4. Merryprankster

    Chambre du Commerce - Antwerp - July - 2015

    This was top of my list of shit to see for a while, just my luck i should funk myself and my camera lens getting in the bloody place! struggled like funk to take photos in here, if there's one place you don't need a pissed lens it's in somewhere with as much symmetry as this, managed to cobble...
  5. E

    Boerentoren - Antwerp - Sept. 2014

    While staying in Antwerp decided to give this a go since it was covered in scaff. Went up there late one night with The_Raw, Sentinel and Elliot. Boerentoren (farmers tower) AKA the KBC Tower is considered Europe's first skyscraper and was the tallest on the continent between 1932 and some point...
  6. Vancolen Kevin

    Revisit Rooftop Antwerp ( 26/07/14)

    I really love this location and construction will soon be finished, so I went back to take some more pictures Rooftop Antwerp by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Rooftop Antwerp by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Little clip :
  7. Vancolen Kevin

    [BE] Rooftopping in Antwerp on a foggy evening (visit 2014)

    Rooftopping Antwerp by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Rooftopping Antwerp by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Rooftopping Antwerp by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr
  8. urbex13

    Belgian Business 2012-2013

    The Trip/Report This is a short collection of snaps from two trips I've made to Belgium with my girlfriend over the past year and a half. I've only just signed up but hopefully these are illustrative of the sort of things I've been up to recently(ish). I won't include history as all of them...
  9. SuZyQue

    Stock exchange antwerp

    This is beautiful:-
  10. T

    Fort 6 Antwerp Sept 2012

    visit with Scattergun as part of our Belgium tour last year Cheers :)
  11. T

    CDC Antwerp, Belgium Sept 2012

    Done a 5 day tour of the more well known UE haunts in BE, met some great explorers and a real good laugh The sole reason for the trip was after seeing pics of this place on another forum I used to frequent. In there at 5:30am and waited until 7:30am for decent light to catch the place before...
  12. Wevsky

    Pre-Metro Antwerp December 2012

    Some of you who speak to me on Fb or chatbox may have sussed i recently got a passport and also have been learning to abseil...This is the reason ive been doing the abseiling,saw this first several years or more ago and thought ive got no chance of ever seeing this!How times change..So all...