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  1. KPUrban_

    Great Britain Little Morgue, April 2019

    A short little report from a little while back. Without going into too much detail this building is one of the more longer abandonments situated on the ground of a partially used hospital some where in the south. The ground around the building has been flattened and at the time of our visit...
  2. KPUrban_

    Great Britain Imperial Chemical Industries, April 2019

    The Site Dating back to 1874 these works have produced sodium carbonate common in cleaning products, dyes, fertilizers and other such products. The works have been operated under Brunner Mond, Imperial Chemical Industries, and TATA Chemical Europe. The works were also responsible for...
  3. urblex

    Great Britain St Olaves - April 2019

    First of two places we got onto that day, we had about 4 places in our sights & this was the only one that was on our list that we managed to get into. A great explore & a lot more to see than i was expecting. Most of the upper floors were fallen/falling through. The person that told...
  4. Grindle

    Great Britain Inside the Factory without the fat greengrocer Mostyn April 2019

    It is alas more DEPy now Lavino Solar Fires and Fireplaces Ltd Flintshire
  5. Grindle

    Great Britain Visitors not welcome Shrewsbury April 2019

    Found this one quite by chance driving around looking for things to see the house is totally secure but some interesting bits in the sheds Seems like the "current" owner was a professional photographer back in the day; no recent records of him When was google maps last done? 2012? it was...
  6. Grindle

    Great Britain Some Derelict Old Transport Company Wem April 2019

    I saw the old trailers on some waste ground and lo and behold behind them was an old transport and engineering hub deserted now
  7. Grindle

    Great Britain A bungalow in a field Wem April 2019

    Spotted this through the hedge just a DERP with stuff in thinking it must have been a show house at one time
  8. klempner69

    Great Britain If You Go Down To The Woods Today in Hampshire, April 2019

    I been retired pretty much from the explore scene now for about 18 months and had the opportunity to spend the day with my Daughter in Hampshire so took the kids for a traipse in the woods..was told there was an old cottage that was boarded up near one the many trails..we found it and saw it was...
  9. Ghost-Scooter

    Germany St. Urban Church April 2019

    Built in the early 20th century this church closed its doors in 2008. Although there was an open window and a ladder I decided to take the way through the tubular shaft beneath the church to enter the location.  It has been something I've been looking forward to since planning the trip...
  10. Dmc68

    Great Britain Percy's Mill, April 19

    A few of the many photos I took ? Full video here:  
  11. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Paper mill E. - April 2019

    Some of you may have already seen this one. This is a nice paper mill closed down almost a decade ago. There are many photos of this place when it was still active, and some of them were taken when the factory had been occupied by workers right after the closure... It's a rather good place...
  12. Grindle

    Great Britain Warren Stables Prees Heath April 2019

    Fantastic Fireplaces and where to find them A complex of a bungalow; stables and former jockey's cottages one of which is still occupied when I opened the door and found the elderly resident eating his lunch!!! Exit stage right 
  13. Grindle

    Great Britain The Witch ball Inn Whitchurch April 2019

    So this place has nothing now but  memories and juvenile grafitti  The Witch Ball Inn was popular with the army guys in the 1940s, due to its proximity to Prees Heath airfield. In particular the Americans stationed there took a special liking to it. And yet after that there's very little on the...
  14. Grindle

    Great Britain Empty units Prees Heath April 2019

    A mish mash of an industrial estate; a few empty units; big spiders old documents and lazy security
  15. Grindle

    Great Britain Pendleton House Salford April 2019

    Pendleton House salford very easy to get into not much to see not much to add to previous postings 
  16. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Anglo Beef Processing (Buswells), Blisworth - April 2019 

    After seeing Mookster's report of this site a couple of weeks ago; and it being fairly local, I decided I would check it out on my days off work.   A friend of mine on Facebook whom I know through other hobbies had expressed interest in an explore with me the day before I had planned to go; so...
  17. Grindle

    Great Britain The Cottage in the Trees, Moss Valley - April 2019

    Sometimes I love my satnav today it took me a new route to the local cider farm  rubber necking as i go along i spy a rather dilpidated chimney stack through the trees have a mooch? well it would be rude not to Built in 1812 thats all I know some nice stuff  AND it is untouched by kids or...
  18. Grindle

    Great Britain The highway Hawarden April 2019

    have passed this often and today thought lets have a look; it is a former station masters house on the hawarden Loop; a once thriving goods and passenger depot  Well that was a waste of 15 mins I must say!!! still here is my wonderous adventure
  19. Grindle

    Great Britain LLuesty Done to death I know!!! April 2019

    Didnt think I would bother doing LLuesty but nowt else to do  was quite eerie with the rain and the wind though! Workhouse is well under way with development lots of builders on site and now probly not worth a look
  20. Ferox

    Great Britain Crown Theatre, Eccles. April 2018

    Had a look in here earlier in the year after an fail near by. A grand example of dereliction on the outside and a crumbing mess on the inside. Nice little wander as it turned out. There is enough features and bits still knocking about to make it interesting and I enjoyed having a look around and...