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  1. -Raz-

    Royston Coke Works - April 2015

    After a visit in the dark a while back me and Fat Panda headed over after work for a look in the daylight a couple times this week and the place is awesome! Ace having a playground like this so local to me! :D Cheers for looking :thumb
  2. Urbexbandoned

    Chemical Mill, Essex - April 2015

    This Mill was originally one of Essex’s watermills. It closed in 1926, when the town waterworks was built on the site. The waterworks became redundant in 1984 when the town was supplied from another pumping station further down the River. It has been sat alone and empty since 1984. Beautiful...
  3. Maniac

    Earls Court exhibition centre, London, April 2015

    After hearing this was closing at the end of last year, it went straight on my list and then promptly got forgotten about until I suddenly remembered about it when chatting with The_raw and others a few weeks back. So we set a date and went and had a look round. Probably shouldn't have left it...
  4. The_Raw

    Lots Road Power Station, London - April 2015

    Lots Road power station (nicknamed the Chelsea Monster) was commissioned in 1905 to provide electricity for the Metropolitan District Railway, now known as the District line. It was originally coal fired and had four chimneys, but when it was converted to oil operation in the 1960's two of them...
  5. The_Raw

    Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London - April 2015

    Earls Court Exhibition Centre is a closed exhibition, conference and events venue in London that originally opened in 1887 and was rebuilt in 1937 in its most recent art deco style exterior. It is located in Earls Court within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and was the largest such...
  6. -Raz-

    Walkley's Clogs - April 2015

    At first glance from the outside this building seems like your standard run down industrial derp but the inside is far from that, monsters, mannequins santo's grotto and more! Some wonky shots as I didn't have my tripod :) Visited with Fat Panda Gave fat panda a fright when he found it...
  7. wellingtonian

    Tonedale Mill, Wellington. April 2015

    Fox Brothers Tonedale Mill, Wellington Prompted by anothers recent visit, and the thought of visiting the site without the usual cat and mouse games played out with our Eastern European secca friends (which they always ultimately won), and at a loose end on a sunny afternoon, I decided a...
  8. Lenston

    Rhosydd Slate Mine - North Wales - April 2015

    The Trip Visited with The Kwan An amazing location with so much to see in the area, weather wasnt amazing but just added to the moodyness of the place. This was a reserve location as we couldnt find the other which will be on the return visit. Possibly July there will be a camping trip...
  9. Perjury Saint

    Chapi Chapo... April '15

    Another super cute Belgian derp house full of goodies?... Yep... They just keep poppin' up don't they!? :) ... ... Thanks for lookin' in... :thumb
  10. Perjury Saint

    The Blue Power Station... April '15

    1st Euro jaunt of 2015 and Me, Darbians and a non member kicked off the silly seasons proceedings with this BELTER!! Be forwarned... Theres a fair few pics! ...The Blue Power Station... ... Thanks for lookin' in! :thumb
  11. Session9

    Pilkington Glass, Doncaster - April 2015

    PILKINGTON GLASS, DONCASTER - APRIL 2015 History Pilkington Glass was established in St Helens, Merseyside in 1826. The Doncaster site was opened in 1922 at its canalside location in Kirk Sandall. Pilkingtons had a large workforce and the small village of Kirk Sandall grew to provide housing...
  12. tank2020

    Bellboys, April 2015

    I must have visited this place 3 or 4 times in the past few years but have always chickened out at the last minute, mainly due to the resident dog. However after the urbex bus had visited I got an extra boost of confidence and went for it. All in all a pretty relaxed early morning explore. I...
  13. Urbexbandoned

    Millie's Mill - April 2015

    Now, we all know this isn't called Millie's Mill. I fell in love with this place, and after some other locations have recently been trashed and looted I decided to make my own name up for my own peace of mind that hopefully it stays like this. This little mill has been running since the 1800's...
  14. -Raz-

    Murphy's Machinery - April 2015

    Popped my head in here over the weekend due to the place being local to me, I didn't have my tripod with me here so some of the pictures might be a little uneven! Cheers for looking :)
  15. Fekneejit

    Dyson Refractories - April 2015

    Visited with hamtagger & Session9, good to meet you guys :) I wasn't going to post a report, but I figure I got enough pics, though I didn't actually take any of the buildings, oops. Hopefully hamtagger will post some pics too so you can see what the site itself looks like... History...
  16. sj9966

    The Towers, April 2015

    A recent evening visit to this old Asylum. A place that has been on the radar for a while but for various reasons has always been a tricky one. One part has been converted for a number of years, the other part was partially in use by the NHS up until last year (I think). Demolition / conversion...
  17. Lenston

    Underground Gathering April 2015

    This weekends activities
  18. mookster

    Sidney's House - April 2015

    I don't like small houses. Shot solely on my 30mm prime lens. These places - this one especially - fill me with a sadness (as well as filling my lungs with damp plaster dust) I can do without on explores, give me a nice big factory or a mansion any day over...
  19. mookster

    The Acid House - April 2015

    I honestly have no idea if this is more suited to 'Residential' or 'Industrial'...but it's a mansion at it's core so I'll chuck it in here and see what happens. I have known about the existence of this location for a couple of years now but always put it off because I thought it was long gone...
  20. Session9

    RAE Bedford - April 2015

    RAE BEDFORD - APRIL 2015 History In 1946 Thurleigh became the site for the second Royal Aircraft Establishment site. Two new runways were built in the post-war period to accommodate the Bristol Brabazon aircraft (which required a very long runway) that ultimately never went into production...