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  1. -Raz-

    Wingfield station - April '15

    Visited this place last week with Fat panda and was surprised with the amount of stuff stuffed in here. although the station closed in 1967 the electricity was still running and a few recent looking letters scattered about the place. Cheers for looking :)
  2. mookster

    Lucas Aerospace, Honiley - April 2015

    I have known about this place for ages but a) forgot about it until just before I left for the USA last month and B) never realised it was fairly nearby...Lucas Aerospace operated out of the former RAF Honiley site after the airfield was decommissioned in 1957. They departed some time around...
  3. -Raz-

    St Joseph's - April 2015

    Lost count of how many times I've been here now but always find something new every time! Met up with a great bunch of people and had yet another fun day here. Shot on a new camera and lens :) Cheers for looking :)
  4. mookster

    Fibbersley Park Primary School, Willenhall April 2015

    It feels nice to be back home exploring :P although today of all days I refuse to use the term 'easter eggsploring'.I bailed out of doing this place twice in months past as it is situated on a very busy residential road so never found the right time to access the place, but Easter Sunday...
  5. Lenston

    Police Training College - Wales - April 2014

    An oldie from last year but not posted on OS History Closed in 2005 the site is a former Police Training facility and living quarters, it comprises of a main central block, together with a number of residential blocks all around and additional sports fields. In addition there is a range...
  6. wellingtonian

    The Devon and Somerset Railway tunnels March 2015 ( visited April 2014)

    The Devon and Somerset Railway tunnels The Devon and Somerset a Railway (D&SR) was a cross country line that connected Barnstaple in Devon, to the network of the Bristol and Exeter Railway (B&ER) at Norton Fitzwarren, near Taunton. It was opened in stages between 1871 and 1873. The...
  7. darbians

    H15 prison: April 2014

    A large prison in France that closed in 2011. It had space for 1500 inmantes and supposedly its split into male and female sections however I am not fully sure if this is a fact. There was quite a bit of graffitti here and I think some of it added to the location. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5...
  8. darbians

    Dr Pepeitos visited April 2014

    Well this was a bit of an old location by time I got to visit. Still in quite good condition though. The locals do seem quite protective of it. Set in a quiet town I guess this was the local doctors house. Not easy to find much history and it is quite well documented already. So on with the...
  9. mookster

    The Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford April 2010 (2014)

    It's been a long while since I dug something out of my extensive archive of sites for people to see, and I'm in a sharing mood today. The Radcliffe Infirmary was constructed in 1770 and extensively modified and extended throughout it's lifespan with the huge site finally closing in 2007. It was...
  10. Andy

    Non Plus Ultra (April 2012) -Shared 2014

    The (now well-known) castle dates from the 17th century, recent modifications / alterations were made in the 19th century. It is difficult to describe it. An overload of visual impressions ... It should be turned into a luxury hotel. But that was not begun until today, as far as I know. ---...
  11. jones-y-gog

    Lady Jane's House, April 2014

    The popular code name for this is House of Tears however I have taken the liberty of using a different one. Firstly, as I personally knew some of the last family who lived there and secondly I feel it gives a misleading impression of the place. The main building was built around 1735 however...
  12. Andy

    Nursing Home (re-visit April 2014)

    The nursing home was closed in 2006. My first visit was in 2007, the second visit in 2008. Thereafter it fell into oblivion with me. Seven years later, I made a re-visit. The building was unrecognizable in some areas. Some things were vandalized, others sprayed with graffiti. But in many rooms...
  13. Andy

    Hotel des reves (visited April 2014)

    Discovered on an old postcard and found by Steetview. The piano is sadly disappeared now. part one 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  14. AndyK!

    Crookham Court School, Berkshire. April 2014

    Crookham Court (sometimes called Harlequin Manor) is a mansion in Berkshire built around 1850, when a previous manor house on the same grounds was destroyed by fire. The building was added to over the next 50 years in two further phases. Crookham Court served many purposes over the years...
  15. darbians

    The Pritzer Fac visited April 2014

    An abandoned Uni in Belgium, best not to give too much history away on this. Such a cool location. Some parts full of decay and another part in great condition. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Hope you enjoyed you can find the full set here
  16. darbians

    The Cloud Factory/ Powerplant XL Gigawatt or as I call it, Godzillawatt - April 2014

    This was the largest thermal Powerstation in Belguim. Developed and upgraded over the years with more modern turbines. A huge site full of symmetry inside and out. This really is a cool location. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 6. Full set can be found here
  17. Timster1973

    Pripyat town - Hospital MScH - visited April 2014

    Evening all, As you already know from my previous Chernobyl village report, I was part of a 35 man group which went in April. Part of the trip was two full days mooching in Pripyat which is the main objective for anyone especially with access to buildings too. We were basically taken here and...
  18. jones-y-gog

    Green House (April 2014)

    It's hard to believe that this was the original headquarters of what is now part of a global conglomerate. The premises have been closed for about 10 years. Once I negotiated the wing-and-a-prayer access involving my improvised ladder :eek: it was a nice calming mooch due to the green walls...
  19. bassboyjoe

    Pickleman's Cottage - Methwold - April 2014

    This place, despite a lot going missing inbetween this report and previous ones is still such an incredible place to visit. I could easily have spent a day here as there is so much to look at, and photograph. I also had a rather fustrating moment when I got home after a 2 hour drive to realise...
  20. bassboyjoe

    Queen Elizabeth Children's Hospital - Hackney - April 2014

    History In 1870, a small 26-bed hospital was opened here & known as North-Eastern Hospital and Dispensary.In 1893, a new building fund began, this allowed the Hackney Road site to be expanded and new ward accommodation to be added. In 1942 it amalgamated with the Princess Elizabeth of York...