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  1. Thelocksmithman

    Ashford Vaults - July - 2014 - Kent

    Well here goes a first report on here since i joined in 2013, completely forgetting i had created an account so please accept my delayed apologies for being inactive...   I visited this place in 2014, so a while ago now... hence why the pictures are how they are  :? . After an epic road trip...
  2. superwide

    East Ashford Union Workhouse reservoir - Nov 2013

    November 2013 This was a quick visit with little time available, which was handy as the place is tiny. All that I have managed to find out about this place is that it was a reservoir built to service the East Ashford Union Workhouse. In 1837, the East Ashford Union erected a workhouse on the...
  3. superwide

    Ashford Railway yard 03/2011

    Bit of a last minute explore, have looked at the site a few time before, but security and the fact it is rail land put me off, so i decided to have a chat with the security man and he said fine as long as we dont go inside any of the buildings.....i must have missed that last bit :) . Had a...

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