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  1. Dubbed Navigator


    Asylums are really my bag, but when I started exploring, there were only a handful left in the UK. Now they are essentially gone, I think its good to look back on the best pictures. This should be limited to one per user, with the picture that attracts the most reputation gaining a spot as our...
  2. tumbles

    County Asylums Returns..

    After three years in the wilderness, County Asylums has returned with a fresh look and a lot, lot more info. We've revised the 'asylum list' and each and every one of the asylums listed has there own page with details, history and photos. We'll be adding more to...
  3. BadBatz

    3 Asylums, 3 Days. North of England 1/14

    Not much of a poster any more, but went out with friends and got some shots of Rauceby, Whittingham and St John's Asylums, histories haven't changed since the last reports. A nice reminder that it's not about the most epic or gas masks or fancy dress or hdr or not hdr it's about having fun with...

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