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  1. SouthCoastUrbex

    Exploring Abandoned Nightclub with Bank Vaults - Southampton - August 2018

    Hi all! Another from us, this time an abandoned Nightclub which has huge bank vaults in the 2 separate basements! Enjoy :) HISTORY: So the building itself was built around 1940 and was designed for the bank of England. The site itself is built with 2 separate basements with one of them being a...
  2. teddybear

    Belgium a bank job - visited April 2018

    And old 18 century house with had a bank function.The building is stripped of all furniture an will probably be renovated in some future. Needed to be a little bit inventive to gain access to this one. But later I was all alone, with the only sound coming from the people in front of the...
  3. Hydro

    Holme Bank Chert Mine, Derbyshire Dales - Aug 15 (Pic Heavy)

    Explored with Raz, FatPanda & Jord - Pic Heavy A Brief History of Bakewell Chert Mine Holme Bank was the last of two operational chert mines in Derbyshire the other being the Pretoria Mine, both at Bakewell. Access was from adits in a quarry at Bank Top and the steep workings extended...
  4. Wevsky

    Holme Bank Chert Mine bakwell May 2015

    Visited with Paul Powers and 2nd explore of my second day up there at his place!Doing a report on this one first though mainly for the reason i like these pictures enough to want to share on here,and there on my pc ready to go Brief and i mean brief exerct of history taken from tut net Holme...
  5. The_Raw

    Midland Bank Headquarters, London - September 2014

    The former London headquarters of Midland Bank, a Grade I-listed property designed by Edwin Lutyens and John Alfred Gotch and built in 1925, is soon to be turned into a boutique hotel. The imposing building, in the heart of the Square Mile, was vacated six years ago by HSBC, which bought Midland...
  6. Gangeox

    Pye Bank School Nov 2009

    Moving on from my previous post here's another school :) Following the 1870 Education Act, the newly elected Sheffield School Board constructed 39 new schools in the city. Pye Bank School being one of them, designed by the architects Innocent and Brown and constructed in the 'English domestic...
  7. R

    Great Britain Holme Bank Mine, Derbyshire, December 2009

    Info The last two operational chert mines in Derbyshire were the Pretoria Mine and Holme Bank Mine, both at Bakewell. Pretoria opened in 1902. Access was from adits in a quarry at Bank Top and the steep workings extended beneath the road to connect with the earlier Greenfield shaft. The...
  8. vanishing days

    Great Britain Old Bank Chatham, Kent - 28/05/08

    heres a report on this place from what i can understand it was a derpartment store like alders. ot closed and was used by the theatre supposidly. explored with solarpower if anyone noes anything about the history let me no! exterior interior