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  1. urblex

    Great Britain The Bay Queen Hotel - Isle of Man, 2019

    This one was a bit samey once we got inside, looked like it was going to be better from the outside, think the best part was getting in, that and the massive amount of dead birds we found inside. The place was caked in pigeon shit, and there were warnings plastered all over about unsafe...
  2. Frosty

    Fan Bay - Dover - (2013)

    Just thought id whack a few pics up from last time I went here with Maniac Cheers for looking , Frostaaaaay.
  3. Wevsky

    Fan bay shelter To be sealed and reopened to public

    Someone mentioned that this shelter was to be sealed..Sounded like bollox to me but this has appeared If you havnt seen it then you may be to late! later to this i found this pic on facebook the bloke seems genuine enough and is hoping for a good reaction to this and people are welcome to...
  4. Landie_Man

    Bryn Tirion Hotel, Red Wharf Bay, Wales- (VISITED 2010) 2013

    2013: I don't think this derp has had any more splores posted. 2010: No info really on this place, except it had 17 en suite bedrooms, all with colour tv, tea and coffee making facilities, and did conferencing. Still has half full barrells of cider and beer. Place is trashed to high heaven...
  5. silverainbow

    Fan Bay, Dover, Feb 2013

    This shelter is at the site of Fan Bay Battery a WWII site originally comprising 3 x 6" guns with associated magazines, shelters, Plotting room, Admin and accomodation areas. Today only traces of the gun pits can be found underneath the undergrowth and all surface buildings have been demolished...
  6. klempner69

    Great Britain Atherfield Bay Holiday Camp IOW(visited 2010)2013

    Superb explore indeed...set on the southern part of the Isle of Wight,this 60`s style camp finally closed its doors in 2007.Complete with beach access,2 outside pools,2 tennis courts,a football pitch and camp site next door,Atherfield catered for all.Boasting a large hall for discos and a stage...
  7. silverainbow

    Fan bay deep Shelter, Dover, June 2011

    This deep shelter is located at the site of the fan bay battery along the cliffs between Dover and St Margarets, Built in 1941 by No172 tunneling Coy Royal Engineers completed in August of the aformentioned year it was designed to accomodate 4 Officers and 185 other ranks...
  8. silverainbow

    St Margarets Bay 2010

    Anyone know what this was access to ?, Its at St Margarets Bay car park on the right hand side (with your back facing the water) in the cliff face about 10ft up or so Looks to me like the top of a stairwell that used to be, Itd be nice to know where it went or what it connected to Cheers...
  9. Wevsky

    langdon deep shelter/fan bay deep shelter 25/05/10

    I know this has been covered here..but since my last posts where made using my nokia canera fone i just wanted to show you guys what ive done since i got my sony dslr...thx! And this is same post i have used elsewhere never enuff hours n the day to redo the wording etc.. I borrowed a tripod...
  10. PowerSurge

    Herne Bay ROC Post - Kent - 14/07/09

    After seeing the posts on here of the other ROC Posts and been a bit of a ROC Virgin I thought I would look into this a little bit more and try and visit a post for myself. This is the little bit of history I know on this particular post. “The post was originally closed in 1968 but was...
  11. PowerSurge

    Seaweed Tunnel, Pegwell Bay 2009

    It was a brilliant find by Trench and gave me a chance to try and improve my photographic skills. Oh and I remembered to take a tripod on this explore :lol: (This post has previously been posted on KUE and was in reply to Trench's post on the tunnels) Trench by silhouette I really...

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