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  1. Merryprankster

    Paris Catacombs - April - 2015 - pic heavy

    First report on Oblivion, hope you dont fall asleep from boredom with this mammoth write up. Don't worry normally my reports don't have an encyclopedias worth of dribble in them but this was a pretty special one for me personally as i've wanted to get down here for some time now. Right so...
  2. SillySnail

    Catacombs - Paris

    The first is right beneath Paris, but the other beneath a suburbian cemetery. "] "]
  3. thecrazyfool

    Church of Bones, Belgium – July, 2013

    A derelict and old church in deepest Belgium. Quiet big but definitely trashed with the graves opened by grave robbers one would think. I think the lighting makes it here! The place is filled with pigeon poo and the pigeons themselves and it had a stench of pigeons! As usual I can’t...
  4. B

    Howdy from Bones!

    Feels strange to be writing an introduction. I guess a lot of you will already know me, either from Facebook or my Derelict Places days. I am Marlon and used to post under the alias mr_bones, I havn't used any forums in years but look forward to sharing some reports (old and new) with a forum...