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  1. Buffalo

    British Gas Building, Leeds - June 2016

    The former British Gas building was built in the 1960's and at 147ft is the 21st tallest building in Leeds. Originally to be demolished, this building currently has plans of being converted into a hotel designed by Simpson Haugh and partners. The podium building will also be extended and raised...
  2. -Raz-

    Climbing a silo at British sugar in Bardney

    Having seen a few reports from this place a couple years ago and nothing recently me and a pal went over to check it out, we completely winged the trip here didn't have a clue what was derelict and what wasn't due to part of the site being live! :D We even got locked in a courtyard at one...
  3. Dmax

    British Celanese Apr 2015

    British Celanese is a chemical company based at Spondon in Derbyshire. The site was constructed between 1916-1918 by Sir Robert McAlpine with £5million provided by the War Office. Over 30million bricks were used in the construction the original site covered 121 hectares. British Celanese was...
  4. -Raz-

    British Gas rooftop - March '15

    After sneaking in and reaching the top floor of the Opal Tower to find a locked hatch we headed over the road to the British gas building in leeds, after not having the luxury of a lift unlike the opal tower 14 floor's later we was greeted by a amazing view overlooking the city. The building...
  5. Fatpanda

    British gas building Jan-15

    Something a little bit different this time, been here a few times now and the view still takes my breathe away. Its great to have something like this so close to home and as an added bonus the security guard turned up just as we were leaving which saved us a climb :) The recent fire there...
  6. -Raz-

    Top of the British Gas Building in Leeds

    according to wiki 21'st highest building in Leeds;
  7. S

    British Xylonite, Manningtree / Brantham Essex, July 20

    My very first explore... A disused factory in Manningtree. I've seen this place plenty of times on the train on my way to Ipswich, and always wanted to get in there. It was used mainly for the production of celluloid. Some of the site is still active, but it's pretty easy to tell which parts...