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  1. U

    Extreme juggling on the edge - 60 meters tall building

    This is one of the most attractive rooftop in my hometown Gabrovo. Try new extreme stunt - walking on the edge and juggling. Concentration and confidence in yourself, without the right to mistake.
  2. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Apartment Building PA (2/2019)

    I couldn't find much info on this, the interior was pretty stripped and bare. Some of the graffiti was killer though
  3. Benjamin W.

    Germany Textima office building (01/2015)

    The office building of the Textima company in east germany was left behind with most of the stuff inside after the wall was fallen. Really beautiful to see the natural decay without much of vandalism. We couldn't see everything of the building cause the demolishing had already started while we...
  4. Grindle

    12/12/18 Pool Parc Asylum; main building chaple and aux buildings

    Pool Parc, near Ruthin, dates back to the 16th Century when it was home to the Salesbury family and the manor house was rebuilt for William Bagot, 2nd Baron Bagot, in the 1820s. It was apparently lost in a bet by the Bagot family and it was later sold to the District Health Authority, becoming...
  5. Himeiji

    European Commission, Jean Monnet building - August 2018

    Recently we visited the Jean Monnet building of the European Commission in Luxembourg city, which is about to be demolished.  The building was closed because they discovered asbestos in the air in block C. Unfortunately, we came too late and the most interesting part (Conference Centre) was...
  6. Lavino

    Great Britain Littlewoods building Liverpool may 2018

    A early morning meet in Liverpool with @GK-WAX to try a few locations around the city that resulted in a few fails but can wait for another day. Then we decided on littlewoods.this one I have tried before with @telf and @whoopashooppa  but didn't manage to get far so roll on a few years and I'm...
  7. Riding Japan

    Japan, abandoned residential building (video in English)

    Urban exploration in Japan is called Haikyo which is also the word "ruin" as far as i know. I ve made a few videos and i d like to share them here. please have a look and tell me what u think. PS: why is there no flag tag thingy for japan xD
  8. The Urban Collective

    Prudential Assurance Building and Basement Club - Holy City Zoo

    A stunning grade two listed gem decaying right on the high street. Featuring the stunning architecture of Alfred Waterhouse who also designed Strangeways prison the Manchester town hall. The main building has been used for many different purposes over the years as well as Prudential...
  9. coolboyslim

    Prudential Assurance Building - Oldham dec 2017

    Whats This a report from me NOOOOOO Wayyyy lol. Sorry aint been upping much hopefully that will change. Anyways i know a few been here etc but thought i would up mine. History: Not much im afraid and i aint copying anyone else. What i do know is a pub/club was underneath and its been up for...
  10. Doug

    I'm the laziest urbex explorer ever

    Too lazy to walk down stairs or straighten my camera.
  11. D

    'Inside ERNIE' Former UK Government Computer Building

    Link to Video
  12. Urbexbandoned

    RAE Bedford 3X3 ft Supersonic Windtunnel Building & Observation Room - Nov 2015

    History The wind tunnel provision consisted essentially of four large high-quality research facilities, which would allow the testing of aircraft configurations and components at speeds from around eighty miles per hour up to a Mach number of 5, or five times the speed of sound. These were (in...
  13. trav

    Hartwood Hospital Nurses Home - Oct 2015

    Found this looking for Hartwood Hospital in Scotland. Some history from Wikipedia "The remains of Hartwood Hospital, a 19th-century psychiatric hospital with imposing twin clock towers, are the main feature of the village, even after its closure under the direction of the Lanarkshire Health...
  14. Maniac

    Man found dead on building site in Manchester Sad to read, hope it wasn't anyone from the community. Please, stay safe out there :thumb
  15. Hydro

    Roof Topping, Leeds - Various Locations/Visits

    Hello all, Leeds from above in various locations, styles and quality thanks to Facebook :thumb Enjoy!! Thanks for looking :thumb
  16. skeleton key

    £90.000 in Cash found In Derelict Building

    See the full story here. So what would you do in this situation? The moral compass is kicking in regarding balencing up the rights and wrongs of...
  17. Fatpanda

    British gas building Jan-15

    Something a little bit different this time, been here a few times now and the view still takes my breathe away. Its great to have something like this so close to home and as an added bonus the security guard turned up just as we were leaving which saved us a climb :) The recent fire there...
  18. The_Raw

    The Zig Zag building, London - Feb 2015

    Adders and extreme_ironing were subjected to a lethal case of flatulence on this fine night, I had previously eaten 7 packets of beef flavoured space raiders, a jacket potato with cheese, several crackers and cheese, and some Japanese ramen. A few sips of lager were enough to cause some kind of...
  19. -Raz-

    Top of the British Gas Building in Leeds

    according to wiki 21'st highest building in Leeds;
  20. -Raz-

    Terry's admin building, York - December 2014

    First post on the forums use the Facebook page a bit so thought i'd put a report up on here look forward to chatting to you all! Headed over to York this morning to have a look at terry's and was pleasantly surprised to find that secca was nowhere to be seen, had the place to ourselves for a...