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  1. BradUrbex

    Belgium Chateau Désordre

    This abandoned chateau in Belgium was found by accident, we saw the building from the highway and decided to check it out on our way home. This was once a beautifull small chateau but sadly the vandals and thieves wrecked the place!
  2. ForgottenBuildings

    Italy Castello C. - Jul, 2021.

    History: The construction of this castle got started in the early 1900s, the castle was inspired by regional mediaval castle design. The owner of the castle who ordered it to be built was a young wealthy entrepreneur who made his wealth in the wood and concrete industry. After his marriage he...
  3. KPUrban_

    Other Castle Morgue

    A small, unique mortuary situated next to the disused hospital it once served in a castle like building. Notice the editing. It's crap.
  4. Andy

    France Disintegrated castle beside the road (visited 03/2019)

    I couldn't find out very much about this castle. It was built in 1821, I don't know when it has been abandoned. In 1841, the proprietress financed various improvements in the village, like the extension of roads. Exploring the castle was partially quite tricky. Large parts of the floors...
  5. Faith Roswell

    The One The Got Away!

    Have any of you missed a site: somewhere that was torn down, redeveloped or closed off just before you had the chance to visit and look around? I had a very quick look at this quarry but it was demolished just before I had planned to go back and climb stuff! :( Full report is here...
  6. T

    Hunters Castle - Oct 2015

    Hey guys. Today i will show you a castle with a not so nice past. It was build around 1550 and was used by the nazis a a holiday home. It was used by a person which stands close to Adolf Hitler. After a difficult entry we see a place which was neraly out of vandalism. It was a really nice...
  7. coolboyslim

    Loudon Castle And Theme Park,Ayrshire - Sep 2014

    Info few friends and i went here and pics are awesome and deserve to be seen.Secca was there a lot and avoiding was fun. But up until leaving all was fine then spotted by little red van but lucky us we where already out. Amazing place and way better than camelot lol. Pics by dave bear on his...
  8. Colourbex

    Decay castle 2015

    Thank you for watching my photos! If you want to see more of my work please visit and like my page:
  9. Colourbex

    The lion castle 2015

    Want to see more? Visit and like my fb page colourbex to stay updated ;)
  10. Hydro

    Castle Market, Sheffield May/June 2015

    Please be aware most of what you will see below has now been demolished :( Explored with -Raz- & a non member. As always a bit of background; Castle Market is a former indoor market in Sheffield city centre, England. The building lies in the north east of the present city centre, by the...
  11. Andy

    The castle at the roadside (visited 05/2015)

    Unfortunately completely gutted and therefore of photographic point of view a bit monotonous. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
  12. hamtagger

    Gwrych Castle, Abergele - March 2015

    Gwrych Castle The Explore Arrived here after an unfortunate fail at our primary location. Frustrating that after arriving there at 1am we had gained access at 3 separate points only to find they had internally sealed the room leaving you having to climb back out again, on this occasion through...
  13. Andy

    The castle of the ministeriales (visited 05/2014)

    Built in the 18th century on the foundations of a medieval castle. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
  14. Andy

    Castle with three rose windows (visited 06/2014)

    Built in the 18th century, most recently used as a retirement home. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
  15. DugieUK

    Chateau De Singes, France, September 2014

    Location #1 of the ‘Who’s hand was that Tour’ - Chateau De Singes aka Castle of Monkeys History Not a lot of history on Chateau De Singes I’m afraid other than it was built in the 17th century and the last time it was occupied was in the middle of the 1970’s...
  16. silverainbow

    Esplanades Level, Dover Castle, Kent, May 2014

    This is like the holy grail for all us Kent guys, I've been waitinga very long 4 years to get in here, Have lost count of the amount of times I had "dropped by" on the off chance of some one having made it possible but always to no avail, Id also eyed a particular possibility up a fair few times...
  17. SigloV

    Laudoun Castle Theme Park, Scotland - 2014

    So, after discovering a thread I convinced my camera club that Loudon would be worth a wee visit. We set off this evening to explore and take some photos. Remarkably easy to get in, despite the big gate - it was just a matter of walking around the outside of the gate and then up to driveway to...
  18. T

    Belgium Castle of Dreams (Very Pic Heavy) - 2014

    firstly I make no apology for the size of this thread or the order of the pics, its been a 3 day battle of processing Visited with Project Mayhem, Lowri and non member Diane Well, what a crazy 30+ hours this turned out to be. Left central englandshire at 4pm, only to realise that 1 member...
  19. silverainbow

    Dr Barnado's Babies Castle, Hawkhurst, Kent, January 2014

    Babies Castle, Hawkhurst, We decided to get out n about on a bit of a mini road trip, Chose this as the destination, took a while to get there and wanted to visit another well known site within the area for those of you that probably know it but unfortunately Its since been sold and the builders...
  20. bango

    Laudoun Castle Theme Park, Scotland - October 2013

    "The park was opened in 1995 by a company based in London and has since been through the hands of travelling showman Raymond Codona to its current owner, Henk Bembom’s Parkware Ltd. Bembom took over the park in 2002 and invested £5m during his first year there, followed by an...