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  1. The Elusive

    Legends cave

    Lots of pictures here! I've always been partial to an underground space, the weirder the better! Sat in my research for many years was a place seldom seen. Armed with a vague idea I set off with Lucan on a hunt to see what we could find! Luckily it wasn't as difficult to find as expected! Most...
  2. Doug

    Cave Clan Media YouTube Page Update

    Just an update to you ObStarorz that over the last year I have converted a heap of Cave Clan radio interviews as well as the 2017 ABC Cave Clan documentary. The radio interviews might be a bit slow unless you have a connection to The Cave Clan or you're interested in Australian urbex history...
  3. Doug

    Cave Clan turns 30

  4. WildBoyz

    Burford's Batcave, Brisbane - December 2015

    History (Part Two)   Brisbane began to grow rapidly from the 1830s onwards, and far more brick buildings were being erected by this time. Many of these replaced the squalid hut-life conditions endured throughout the 1820s. A map offering a rough guide as to what the city would have looked like...
  5. The_Raw

    The Bat Cave - February 2015

    This old slate mine had some really nice features inside, rusty old mining carts and tracks everywhere. The valley was snowed under when we arrived which made for some epic scenery and the mine itself was a decent size but easy enough to navigate thanks to some tips from Andy. The name comes...
  6. Vancolen Kevin

    [BE] (2014 VISIT) Indiana Jones Quarry First time I went caving, awesome explore and awesome feeling to be underground ! It was...
  7. Wevsky

    The Cave of Vortigern Margate, Kent 11/12-02/13

    Visited with Obscurity Stealth SpaceInvader UrbanGinger and Fortknox0 and on two different visits Nice to get back in here with a dslr as last time was early days and a camera fone,its not huge but was worth going back for a better look The origins of these caves, which are not natural but...
  8. H

    Aladdin's Cave June 2011

    I have been requested by the owner of this site to not give any details of the location and also not to give his name so sorry for the title. I came across this blokes details one night trip way back months ago when I was escorted from the grounds of a mill and given a number to ring by the...

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