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  1. ForgottenBuildings

    Belgium Hospital D - Nov. 2019

    History: The year was 1954 and the local city where this place is located faced a major problem. The current hospital which dated back to the begin of the 1900s was outdated and too small. After this problem, plans were made to build a new state of art hospital. In 1958 it was finished, for the...
  2. A

    An abandoned rehabilitation centre built in the 1960's, closed in the 2000's. [Austria, 01/2019]

    Hello everybody. Today I want to share an especially untouched location with you guys. This resort has been closed since the early 2000's and has since then been sitting around in Austria. Due to its remote location, there was no vandalism beside two broken down windows. Originally, this was...
  3. Britain's Decays

    Scarborough Sports Centre

    Last year we tried to get in Scarborough sports centre but they have seriously locked that place up tight, nothing on the roof, no tunnels or anything.So we just made a short video of the outside. Today I went back with the newest member of our URBEX team, the drone and got some higher up shots...
  4. little_boy_explores

    Tithe Barn St Christian Centre, Wakefield - September 2017

    History Horbury had a chapel of ease to the Church of All Saints in Wakefield, from before the time of the Domesday Book. The chapel was replaced by a Norman chapel with a nave and tower that stood until it was replaced by the present church in 1790. St Peter and St Leonard’s Church, the...
  5. L

    Brockman Family centre

    A random find recently. Previously a social services department and Children’s home. It’s been closed a while and I can’t find much info on the site.
  6. Gromr123

    Dorking Deepdene Railway Control Centre - Surrey - January 2018

    Another local one that I've been wanting to do for ages, but never got round to it until now.  It's filled full of asbestos, so I made sure to bring my good PP3 mask, but even that wasn't enough probably.  History During World War 2, the Southern Railway took over the Deepdene Hotel near...
  7. crabb

    Oak house, Rejected dwp computer center, swindon wiltshire

    With a 2.5 meter high, fully reinforced security fence, cameras at every angle and motion sensors tucked away in strategical places, this building was designed to keep people out. A load of good that did, eh?  This building is shrouded in mystery, its former use was totally unknown and even...
  8. Andy

    Germany Rehabilitation clinic / Physical therapy centre (visited 11/2012) - pic heavy

      Another exploration from the past.   History In the area were several mining operations in the 19th century and many of the miners suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis. Therefore, in 1897, a sanatorium for the patients with lung disease and anemia was founded. In 1975, this sanatorium was...
  9. WildBoyz

    Manor Church Centre, Wallasey - January 2017

    History The Manor Church Centre is a Grade II listed building in Egremont, Wallasey. It was designed by architects Briggs, Wolstenholme and Thornley (the same company who designed the local town hall) in the early 1900s, and was constructed by George Parkinson between 1907 and 1908 for...
  10. The_Raw

    The Guoson Centre, Beijing - October 2015

    Dongzhimen is Asia’s largest transportation hub, connecting 3 subway lines, buses, the airport express, and the Second Ring Road. The Guoson Centre aimed to take advantage of this with a 600,000 square metre space including a transport interchange, retail mall, five-star luxury hotel, two office...
  11. Lavino

    Crazy climbers Shenzhen centre China (660 metres high)

    Just interested what you lot think of people doing these crazy climbs. I must take some serious balls to to this no ropes or anything.
  12. Maniac

    Earls Court exhibition centre, London, April 2015

    After hearing this was closing at the end of last year, it went straight on my list and then promptly got forgotten about until I suddenly remembered about it when chatting with The_raw and others a few weeks back. So we set a date and went and had a look round. Probably shouldn't have left it...
  13. The_Raw

    Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London - April 2015

    Earls Court Exhibition Centre is a closed exhibition, conference and events venue in London that originally opened in 1887 and was rebuilt in 1937 in its most recent art deco style exterior. It is located in Earls Court within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and was the largest such...
  14. Session9

    Pig Research Centre, Stotfold - March 2015

  15. The_Raw

    North London Mail Centre, Islington - September - December 2014

    The North London Mail Centre was established in 1904 Sager bought the 500,000 sq ft North London Mail Centre for £30m in 2003. The site is now a £370million development called the 'Islington Square Project' providing nearly 43,000 square feet of green space across rooftops in the heart of...
  16. Landie_Man

    Heron House, Aylesbury – September 2014 (Former Job Centre)

    Heron House, Aylesbury – September 2014 Not much on this place. It had been sealed since its 2012 closure when the Job Centre vacated the building and returned to their Oxford Road location. The name gives away that it was built as part of the Heron Empire, probably sometime in the 60s...
  17. The_Raw

    Orchard Sports Centre - Crystal Palace, South London - Feb 2014

    It doesn't get much more relaxed than wandering around this site, it's a walk-in with no security and is basically a playground for street artists. Apparently up until the end of last year the whole place was a tip until a street artist known as King Trev took on the task of clearing out the...
  18. Robert Dupon

    Plymouth NAFFI (Hoe Centre) - [Visited 2012] - Jan 2014

    The building now known as The Hoe Centre lies at the southern end of the area which formed the focus for Patrick Abercrombie's 'Plan for Plymouth', an ambitious scheme for creating a grand Beaux-Arts city centre in place of the devastation caused by World War II bombing. The Hoe Centre lies...
  19. Bungal

    Underground Med Centre - Sheffield 2013

    Underground Medical Centre History: Firth Brown Steels was initially formed in 1902, when Sheffield steelmakers John Brown and Company exchanged shares and came to a working agreement with neighbouring company Thomas Firth & Sons. In 1908 the two companies came together and established the...
  20. Wherever I may Roam

    Albion Mill/leisure Centre - Blackburn - Visited March 2010 - Nov 2013

    Built in 1856 by George Whiteley,a spinning & weaving mill closed in 1975,also used as a leisure centre at one point..more info here..http://cottontown.org/page.cfm?LANGUAGE=eng&pageID=2919