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  1. franconiangirl

    Germany Chapel "Ivy Green"

    What once was a path is hardly recognizable as such today. What once was a neat park is now nothing but wilderness. The not too dense April woods give away easily the shape of the old chapel's ruin. The roof of it must have collapsed a long time ago. Inside the walls are shimmering in a bright...
  2. Urban_Moocher

    RC Chapel 08/05/2019

    I know this has been on the radar for a while now but for whatever reason i'd not got around to perusing it for myself. After a day of no sleep and totally battered i should have perhaps kept it on the back burner too. However, what a rather delightful and quaint little place it is, although i...
  3. Andy

    Great Britain Siloam Methodist Chapel, Llanfrothen (permission visit 05/2018)

    Visited during a trip to Wales in May with @The_Raw  When we arrived, an elderly man was sitting in front of the former church, which is on a private property. I spoke to him and he referred to the owner, who lives in a house behind the chapel. She gladly allowed us to enter the building and...
  4. Andy

    Engedi Chapel / Methodist Church - visited May 2018

    This church was the reason why I wanted to go to Wales during my last trip to the UK. Thanks @The_Raw and @Miss.Anthrope for visiting this place with me.   History (taken from The_Raw) Engedi Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel built was built in 1842, rebuilt in 1867 and modified in 1890. The...
  5. Andy

    Corris Chapel / Tin chapel (May 2018)

    Only a few quick shots, taken without a tripod. I don't know when the chapel (called "Capel Zinc") was built, it was a subsidiary tabernacle for the now Holy Trinity Church in Corris. Chairs has been removed and apparently the property is now used by a flower grower. Visited with @The_Raw and...
  6. The_Raw

    Engedi Chapel, Caernarfon - May 2018

    Engedi Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel built was built in 1842, rebuilt in 1867 and modified in 1890. The present chapel, dated 1867, is built in the Classical style of the gable entry type, to the design of architect Richard Owen of Liverpool by Evan Jones of Dolyd and cost £4579. The...
  7. S

    Bedham School and Chapel - Possible Pagan Ceremony

    This is my first Urbex adventure. I recently moved to West Sussex and though I'd have a look around at some popular and easily accessible sites to explore. I stumbled upon Bedham Chapel and after some quick research, I found the location and travelled there. We drove down a single track road...
  8. obscureserenity

    Colonia IL / Mono Orphanage - June 2017

    Colonia IL / Mono Orphanage History The orphanage was built on the border of Switzerland and Italy. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a lot of information out there regarding this location. From what I've gathered it originally served as an orphanage and at some point in time, it was also used...
  9. L

    Eastry chapel and workhouse 2018

    Been visiting this place for many years apart from the old Workhouse buildings which have almost disappeared, today we visited the chapel. Here are a few pics  Added an update of the workhouse conditions too.                                  ...
  10. Andy

    Small Chapel (visited 10/2017)

    Just a small chapel on the roadside. I don't know anything about the history.   Visited with @The_Raw.     1   2   3   4   5   6  
  11. franconiangirl

    Germany Small Chapel - Visited in December '16

    The small chapel is idyllically situated on the hillside. Standing at the foot of the hill, the building is almost invisble. Thanks to the season, the knowing eye is able to spot the chapel between the sparse vegetation. Following up the slope for few minutes, a small weather-beaten wall...

    France Hospital Plaza - France - April 2017

    A seminary in France that was later used as a medical centre and with a beautiful chapel! I think it closed within the past decade.  Thanks for looking!

    France Chapelle des Pelotes - France - April 2017

    This was the first stop on our weekend tour. It was a long arse drive from the tunnel to say the least! Cost a small fortune in tolls! A beautiful building inside!  History: The construction of the chapel began mid 1800, This chapel is decorated in triforium (the openings of the galleries...
  14. AndyK!

    Capel Salem, Pwllheli, Wales - October 2016

    A nice find by @SpiderMonkey while perusing the many chapels of Wales, this proved to be a surprisingly pleasing bonus for our Weekend... Capel Salem is an abandoned chapel in Pwllheli, North Wales. Built in 1862, the building was remodelled and enlarged in 1893 and is now Grade II listed...
  15. AndyK!

    Engedi Chapel, Caernarfon, Wales - October 2016

    The first of a couple of chapels in Wales I visited with @SpiderMonkey last month... Engedi Chapel was established in 1842 and built as we see it today in 1867. The chapel's most impressive feature is its grand classical entrance, designed by architect Richard Owen of Liverpool. Its organ...
  16. Hippie Alien

    Loxley Congregational Chapel - July 2016

    The Visit Managed to get into here a few week before it got burnt down and I am glad I did, was a enjoyable explore for a first outing even though it was trashed inside.   History Loxley Chapel was built in 1787 by the Rev Benjamin Greaves who was the curate of Bradfield, along with a...
  17. Buffalo

    Salem Methodist Chapel, Arthog - July 2016

    Salem Methodist Chapel was built in 1833 in Arthog, near Barmouth in North Wales. In 1868 it was rebuilt in the Gothic style of the gable-entry type, by architect Thomas of Landore, and eventually closed in 1973. Apparently the owner of the building moved abroad to avoid paying a bill for a...
  18. Vief

    Blue Chapel -- June '16

    One of my favourites during our trip through Italy. A beautiful chapel and when the sun shines you see the beautiful colors inside, it makes you speechless... #1   #2   #3   #4   #5   #6   #7   #8   #9  
  19. Urbexbandoned

    Canwick Cemetery Chapel, West Side - Lincolnshire - March 2016

    History   Pair of former chapels, now disused. 1856. By Michael Drury. Coursed and squared rubble with ashlar dressings and plain tile roof. Gothic Revival style with pointed arched windows and Geometrical tracery. EXTERIOR: chamfered and moulded plinth, sill band, moulded eaves, coped...
  20. franconiangirl

    Germany Funeral Chapel Z.

    The small funeral chapel was an accidental find. The chapel is located a bit seclusively in an area which is off the beaten track anyway. But the area around it appears to be pretty neat. The chapel hardly catches anybody´s  eyes. Only the exact observer will spot it. That might be the reason...