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  1. BradUrbex

    France Chateau Secret (10-08-2022)

    Chateau Secret This beautifull renaissance style chateau somewhere in France was owned by a man who lives in paris, the chateau dates back to the 15th century when the castle was nothing more than a porch and 2 castle towers, In the 1800s another castle was built on the same terrain witch...
  2. BradUrbex

    Belgium Chateau Désordre

    This abandoned chateau in Belgium was found by accident, we saw the building from the highway and decided to check it out on our way home. This was once a beautifull small chateau but sadly the vandals and thieves wrecked the place!
  3. ForgottenBuildings

    France Chateau Port - dec. 2019

    History: Chateau Port was constructed in somewhere the middle of the 1800, somewhere in a small village in France. This building was build by a rich family which owned a lot of land in the region. In the second world war this chateau was captured by the german army to serve as a military...
  4. Andy

    France Chateau du duc (visited 03/2019)

    The castle was built in the first half of the 17th century on the site of a medieval predecessor castle. In the following decades and centuries it was inhabited by dukes, counts, a marquis and officers. It was inhabited for the last time in the middle of the 20th century, after which the castle...
  5. Andy

    France Chateau et chapelle (visited 03/2019)

    Two weeks ago I drove with a female friend (no Urbexer and thus also no forum member) for three days to France. This castle has been on my to-do-list for a long time, so I wanted to visit it now.   Directly above the castle is a lonely but inhabited house. Maybe the owner, and he was at home...
  6. Tomvandutch

    France Chateau Alchimiste (November 2018)

    In a very small French village stands this impressive house. Totally free from vandalism and with a bit of natural decay. In the past, a professor used to live there, which explains all the utensils.
  7. .Gh0ast

    Belgium Chateau LadyBug - Nov 17

    The Chateau LadyBug is a beautiful place to explore, with a lot of different styles and photo opportunities. The main building was built during the XIXth century. It became a restaurant during the 80's when a rich investor decided to reconvert himself in the restauration. He renovate the...
  8. Tomvandutch

    France Chateau des livres, May 2018

    Somewhere in a small french village is these castle located. Lot of rooms wich a fully furnished and a lot of other stuff are in the rooms. There are also more then 100 books.
  9. .Gh0ast

    France Chateau des Bois - Aug 2018

    We didn't really know what to expect with this one, only found on Google Earth, few recent informations... But life can also be surprising, and this time, it was good ! ? Built during the 13th century and redesign during the 14th and the 18th, it was finally bought by a famous author in the...
  10. .Gh0ast

    Belgium Chateau Wolfenstein - Dec 2016

    First report here, the well-known Chateau wolfenstein.   Lost somewhere in the Belgian Ardennes, the castle was built 1931 by a rich Baron. It has many use throught the years, hospital, command centre during the war, care home for soldiers and, apparently some kind of jail for war and politic...

    France Chateau Sarco - France - May 2018

    Chateau Sarco – France Built in the 19th century. Once owned by the ministry and sold in 2008 for just under 4 Million euro and abandoned ever since……
  12. obscureserenity

    France Chateau Marianne - April 2018

    Chateau Marianne / Chateau Alchimiste History Not much history on this location but it was rumoured to be have been once occupied by a former professor. The chateau is located in a small, rural town in France. The town's residents have halved in the last 40 years and it was beginning...
  13. Ghost-Scooter

    France Château Lumière - 05/2017

    In May I went to Lake Constance for a Vespa Corso. As the wheather forecast was promising I decided to take the chance for a ride through Baden-Württemberg. Feeling hungry once I realised to be close to the French border. Et voila.. Château Lumière. No more words neccessary about Château...
  14. AndyK!

    France Chateau French House - August 2017

    The chateau is one of the many large abandoned houses that can be found around France. Built in the 1700s by the lord of the village it is within, the house has been modified and expanded over the years. The vaulted basement contains a full size snooker table below the original arched ceiling...
  15. Gromr123

    France Chateau Lumiere - France - May 2017

    This one is from earlier on in the year during a trip to France/Luxembourg, one I thought worth posting up here! Chateau Lumiere needs no introduction, a magnificent building with such grandeur its hard to believe its been abandoned. The huge glass skylight allows daylight to illuminate all the...
  16. WildBoyz

    Belgium Château Du Loup, Belgium - August 2017

    History Castle Wolvenhof, also known by many as Château Du Loup, was designed by J. Vercoutere and constructed between 1912 and 1914 for the industrialist, Gaspard Vanden Bogaerde. It was one of two castles built in the area. With the outbreak of World War One, Bogaerde and his brother Émile...

    France Chateau Sanglier - France - September 2016

    This was the first stop on our little euro trip! Not sure on the history of the place, but like many others around Europe its a beautiful house! Looking at other pictures online it looks a little stripped now. Thank You! 
  18. Stussy

    France Chateau Des Anges - Oct 2015

    Another instalment from the derp trip with Baron, we arrive nice and early in the morning with mist all round, we soon made our way to the right place and we were in.   Not much to this place, it was fairly empty but there were several great rooms and the stairs or course!        ...
  19. Stussy

    France Chateau Fachos - Oct 2015

    Part of Euro derpage explore with Baroness of Scotland, we ended up here fairly late in the afternoon to have a wander around.  Parking up and making our way blindly through the trees we soon came across this site...     Quickly making our way inside, it was a slight disappointment to see...
  20. Stussy

    France The Music House - Oct 15

    A long time to get round to posting this fabulous location in France, visited with Baroness of Puddleland and Hector.   This was the first stop of a long weekend and it was a major bit of wantage back when it first became known!   We arrived shortly after sunrise, having been told to expect to...