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  1. T

    Belgium 3 men and little lady tour 2013 : Chateau Gramophone

    On a crisp friday 3 men and a little lady (mysellf and members proj3ctm4yh3m, Mr Dystopia and Lowri Jen 37) boarded a ferry from Newcastle heading to Amsterdam. The start of an epic 3 days of exploring with 8 locations done and no fails :) We met some brilliant folk and had an absolute...

    Chateau Henri - Belgium - October 2013

    This was a beautiful place to explore. Amazing building and grounds. This castle was built in the 1930′s by the owner of a nearby textile company. It was in his possession till the 1990′s when the castle and it’s domain was sold to a wealthy couple. They completely redecorated...
  3. thecrazyfool

    Chateau da le Chapel, Belgium - July, 2013

    Another report from that long roadtrip weekend in July - actually this was the first successful place we got in but it is almost one of the last to be produced by me. I think I got 'writer's block' in processing the pictures since July.... Visited with space invader, wevsky and sx-riffraff and...
  4. Timster1973

    Chateau De La Foret - June 2013 - *PICCY HEAVY*

    Evening all, For those who are on Facebook OS page, then you may have seen some of these popping up. This place was nicknamed "Chateau De La Police" due to the security and locals who keep a very close eye on this place and usually ends up with explorers arrests and car searches so we weren't...
  5. Timster1973

    France Chateau Lumiere - France - Visited May 2013

    Hi all, Another set finished and ready to report. Needs no introduction as you could say its a tourist one but a necessary one regardless of what you think. Everyone has to do this at some stage as its a fantastic place. Usually you don't see many other shots from here bar the carpet and "that...
  6. oldskool

    France Chateau des Singes 04/2013

    Chateau des Singes 04/2013 A wicked location of the beaten track only took a few shots here spent most of time chillin and having a beer ........looks like another location that has had work undertaken but not completed 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. thanks for looking...
  7. Timster1973

    France Chateau Du Lac - France - visited 2013

    Evening all, Another set more or less finished. No history to this and was a late addition to the game. Got this sorted day before we left so I only saw a few photos from here. A more or less bare chateau in pretty good condition from the outside but a bit rotten and a lot of supports to hold...
  8. Timster1973

    Luxembourg The Chateau in the woods [LUX] visited 2013 - IMAGE HEAVY

    Evening all, First post in a while as I usually come back from tour and bounce around from one location to another so never finish a set more or less straight away. I tend to edit as I go and only upload a few everyday. This place was the last stop of the tour before we flew home. Deep out in...
  9. The Urban Adventurer

    Chateau Noisy - the briefest of visits (March 2013)

    Seven of us left England very early in the morning! Still cannot believe we got seven blokes, camera gear and “overnight bags†into a Zaffira ! A race across France and into Belgium..suspiciously eyeing the weather after each kilometre..yes there was snow on the ground.. Armed with many...
  10. urbexosaurus

    Chateau Henri, March 2013, Belgium

    Like I said before, sometimes you want to do a nice write-up on a location, but you simply can't, as it would instantly give away the location. This is one of those locations. It has quite an amazing history, but I can't say to much about it. This chateau has been empty for over 10 years now...
  11. Timster1973

    Chateau Bambi - 2013

    Right before I get to bed, heres a small set from last trip to Belgium. Nice people left the door of this magnificent place wide open, what was inside was a shame as I've seen better photos of this place in the past and its definately gone to ground. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Thanks...
  12. Pezzarr

    Chateau Lumiere - France - March 2013

    After a long 3 hour drive from Luxembourg, we arrived... she was stunning after a long walk the wrong a way, a little slippy getting in and a few funny stories to pot we where in..... Sadly no history to this glorious place, but from what i can see, it was quite a rich family with possibly a...
  13. T

    Chateau De Noisy Belgium Sept 2012 (bit pic heavy)

    Another from the Belgium tour :) Loved this place, so picturesque !