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  1. WildBoyz

    St. Paul's Church, Denholme - December 2016

    History St. Paul’s Church is a grade II listed building that overlooks the small town of Denholme. It was designed by J. B. Chantrell and constructed in 1846, and represents an early English style of architecture which comprises a seven-bay nave and lean to aisles, a Chancel and a vaulted roof...
  2. Mikeymutt

    Church of dead crows..August 2016

    Whilst on a trip to and missy visited this old church.cant find any history on it.but it is defiantly very decayed now.just a "T" shaped main room.and a little extension out back for making tea and a toilet.the light and colours in here were lovely.with some beautiful light coming...
  3. Vief

    Germany Church of Stephanie - Sept '15

    A beautiful abandoned red colored church somewhere in Germany. It was pretty late when we arrived and the light inside was very hard.  I didn't manage to get everything straight, or that church wasn't symmetric, I don't know, it drived me crazy haha. #1   #2   #3   #4   #5  
  4. F

    Agnus Dei

    Hello urbexers, We once again had a trip to Belgium, and had a visit at the so called Agnus Dei(church) We had a great time filming and shooting pics here!

    France E.T Church - France - April 2016

    You have probably seen this doing the rounds on social media. I thought it was my turn. An absolutely beautiful church. I am not sure on the history of it. I have looked on-line and haven't found anything. This was a permission visit.   Thank You!
  6. The Wombat

    Loxley chapel, Sheffield, Jan16

    Was up in Sheffield for KM Punk’s big 30th birthday bash, and this was the first visit of the day. Turned out to be the only success for the weekend, but we had an excellent night out in Sheffield. It’s a real shame about the mindless vandalism. I have missed the best days of seeing this place...
  7. Left4Decay

    Preston Road Methodist Church, Coppull

    Was on my travels back home when I came across this place, fairly small but not to shabby to say the least! From what I've been told the church has been abandoned since the 1980's and hasn't been touched since. Not seen this place on the forums so thought it was worth to be my first post. If...
  8. The Invisableman

    The church of nine ghosts (Permission Visit)

    Located in the northwestern Bohemia town of Luková, the ‘Church of Nine Ghosts’ first fell into disrepair after the ceiling caved in during a funeral service in 1968. Locals took that as a bad omen, attributing the structural failure to a curse, the superstitious congregation in the Czech...
  9. Urbexbandoned

    South Yorkshire Asylum Chapel - Wadsley - February 2016

    History   A bit of a mish mash as I couldn't find much just on the Chapel but this is what I did find.    After its closure, the land of the former Hospital was purchased for residential development by Bloor Homes. It was sold off to various other developers such as Redrow, Barratt, Harron...
  10. ExploringLancashire

    St John the evangelist Church - December 2015.

    History : St John's was built between 1890 and 1892 to a design by the Lancaster architects Paley, Austin and Paley. The estimated cost of the church was £6,800 but, because of problems with the foundations, its final cost, including the fittings, was nearer to £12,000 (£1,170,000 in 2015). It...
  11. coolboyslim

    Great Britain St John the evangelist Church - DEC 2015

    Hi all a nice new report from me on a recent explore. This is a cracking little church with some awesome stuff still left and very photographic. And seeing has its close to christmas this seems like a good time to do it and post it. Some awesome stuff here like the tower and the bell. In what i...
  12. cunningplan

    Church Manor, Sept 2015

    1000 mile Mega Xplore day 2 part 4 (These are not in order) After kipping in the car in the corner of a field we made our way here, bit of a walk but, this must be one of the oddest places I have been too. If I knew what it was like inside I would have slept on the floor in there and waited...
  13. Vief

    Bedham Church - Visit Oct 2014

    I thought it would be nice if I post here something from the UK :P I was on a vacationtrip last year and I did some research to find some locs I could visit during our stay in the UK. I found pictures of this churchruin and I decided that I have to find it!! So I did, but I didn't excactly...
  14. Funlester

    Mount St Mary's Church, Leeds - Oct 15

    2nd of 4 visits on Sunday with 2 other people, was a tricky little access but worth it in the end. Bit of an empty shell now but still worth it. History - Mount St Mary's is one of the architectural treasures of the city of Leeds. It is a grade two listed building dating from 1853. The laying...
  15. mookster

    Rubble Church Sept 2015

    My American adventure rumbles on...and boy does this place have a story! The day I arrived in America, my cohorts for the first weekend were already exploring Gary and noted down this place as they were driving past. The time came for us to venture back to Gary as a big group and this one was...
  16. mookster

    Big Blue Church Sept 2015

    I am back from my third set of misadventures over the large pond. A few weeks full of plenty of ups, downs, arounds and arounds involving narrowly avoiding getting arrested twice, encounters with local pastors, taggers and the smashy crew, dropping my camera, avoiding golfists, making random...
  17. SpiderMonkey

    Rainbow Church AKA Eastern Church - December 2014

    I'd forgotten about this set for quite a while :) First location on the big ass bergwerk trip. No history sadly, sometimes it's hard to get the information on these euro sites. Proper nice church though, it's a shame all the pews are smashed up. I have seen some pictures from 2013 and...
  18. The Wombat

    Derelict church, Lincolnshire, May15

    This one has been on the back burner of my list of things to do, but with its comparatively remote location (over 100 miles from my house) I have finally got round to having a look whilst on a huge roadtrip to visit my mate in Nowheresville, Lincolnshire. This place has been closed aprox 30...
  19. TheVampiricSquid

    Blue Christ Church, Belgium - September 2015

    Explore: Well this was a last minute day trip to belgium with a non-member. Was a stupidly long day, but I'm so glad I went. One of the places we visited was the Blue Christ Church. Such a lovely place, despite the overwhelming smell of pigeon shit! Bumped into some fellow explorers, but...
  20. AndyK!

    Rainbow Church (December 2014)

    Rainbow Church is a brick built Catholic place of worship in the Netherlands. The entire building is a giant triangular-shaped arch with the brickwork exposed inside. The arch shape is concentrically repeated several times in the altar. The church has now been closed for a few years. Visited a...