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  1. WildBoyz

    Cathedral Church of St. Marie's, Sheffield - September 2015

    History “The architecture and much of the decoration of St. Marie’s cathedral uses designs and motifs from English churches built before the Reformationâ€. The Cathedral Church of St. Marie is an English Roman Catholic Cathedral, located in Sheffield city centre. It was designed by Matthew...
  2. MrT

    St. Nicholas Church, Caenby, August 2015

    I stumbled across this local(ish) church whilst searching for something else. So me and the dog went for a walk. Both entrances to the lanes had electric gates with intercom, layby and through the field it was then. Overgrown, locked tight and to fat for the tiny window I grabbed a few gopro...
  3. Dieter Ruistocht Herreman

    Church of envy 2015

  4. MiaroDigital

    Church - NotFound... - [visit 07/2015]

    a forgotten church in east germany ;) 1. Church not Found 06 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 2. Church not Found 05 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 3. Church not Found 04 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 4. Church not Found 01 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 5. Church - not found... by...
  5. Hydro

    Blue Church, Denholme - July 15

    Explored with Raz & a non member Bit of history from Raz (being an info pirate again) (y) Designed by JB Chantrell, St. Paul's was completed in 1846 in an Early English style featuring a large gothic tower overlooking the village of Denholme. The constructions of the church cost £3,700...
  6. Urbexbandoned

    Rifle Church - Essex - June 2015

    This is a little church in Essex, has been redundant for quite some time. By the looks of it no one has been in there for a while as the dust was building up, to say my OCD was coming in to effect was a bit of an understatement, I just wanted to get my feather duster out and give it a polish up...
  7. Hydro

    The Ark - Greenbank Synagogue - December 14

    Number four of my hundreds of back logged reports to do! Can i first of all apologise for the angle of my images, these were taken on my S5 :( Visited with -Raz- and 2 non members on our trip around Lancashire. The Explore; At first we were sure we werent going to get into this building as...
  8. Infraredd

    Antiquities - old church cum antiques/reclamation yard

    On the way back to Dunkirk I happened across this in a little town/village called Verberie. It looked like an old derelict church & vicarage but once inside it became clear that at some stage it was an Antiques warehouse. The pictures on Google Earth show it inhabited but it's not like that...
  9. Stussy

    Gravestone Church, Belgium - Oct 2014

    From the last Euro Jupilerrrrrrr Tour, visited with The Baron of Scotland and Mega Magpie Masa! Thanks for looking :thumb
  10. Stussy

    Religiøs Kult Estate, Scotland - August 2014

    Not much history on this weirdly superb explore, situated in the rolling hills of Scotland, a country estate owner created a mini religious haven / retreat for himself. This small report is over 3 of the buildings within the estate, first up... The Garden Room The Chapel...
  11. Sir Cage

    The Church of the Pigeons -2015

    It was called the "church of the pigeons" for the big amount of xxxx inside. But now its roof has been renovated and the pigeons have gone away. Back to its beauty. :) 1 I see you 2 I breathe your sins 3 Charity 4 No more pigeons
  12. Lavino

    Great Britain The church of our saviour - Feb 2015

    visited here with woopashoopaa was a really nice and relaxed visit after a failed attempt at another place on the way here.this place has so many nice features still intact so please be kind to this place ok heres a bit of history and a few pics thanks for looking... St Saviour's Parish Church...
  13. Urbexbandoned

    Biscuit Church - Lincolnshire - May 2015

    This little church has sat lonely for a few years, money dried up and it has basically been left to decay, yippeee. Well not for them but yes for me. I loved this little place, lots of atmosphere too. Haven't actually got any history so I am basically making it up as I am going along and the...
  14. pusher

    Old Evangelical Church - Lower Silesia (2013) - 2015

    HISTORY: The church was built to a design of architect Carl Gotthard Langhans author of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Built in 1796 until 1797 in an elliptical shape with dimensions of about 20x30 meters. Bell tower has been added later in 1872 with a design of local architect Peter Gansel...
  15. MrT

    Mount St Marys May 2015

    Mount St Marys Roman Catholic Church built by architect and inventor Joseph Hansom. In 1829 the Catholic Emancipation Act was passed, and in 1850 the Catholic hierarchy was restored in England with the country being divided into dioceses, each with a Bishop. There followed the construction of...
  16. Andy

    J. I. School - The Roman Catholic Church (visited 05/2015)

    The church once belonged to a boarding school, which was used from 1920 as a Roman Catholic school and later as ballet school. The main building served most recently as Islamic School, which was closed in 2007. Visited together with skeleton key, Lara & MiaroDigital. After we got caught by...
  17. ferro36

    The Church. 2015

    Sorry for the bad English, I used google translator. :P La chiesa sconsacrata di San Arsenio nonostante l’indubbio valore artistico, risultata abbandonata dagli anni Cinquanta del secolo scorso. Si tratta di una chiesa di piccole dimensioni, il cui punto di interesse principale è...

    Great Britain Mirandas Church aka Blue Church, Yorkshire - August 2014

    The derelict Miranda’s Church in Yorkshire. After hearing a few people make reference to this place having some features, namely the ceiling which were similar to the ones at Castle Miranda aka Château Noisy I had to check it out. Visited with Andy K of Behind Closed Doors for a relatively...
  19. DugieUK

    The Church of our Saviour - February 2015

    Just noticed a lot of topics posted lately on this location but hey ho here is mine. The Church of our Saviour Visited with: Alex & Klare Visit date: February 2015 Please Note: Entry is always through an open access point and not by forcing our way in….. We are explorers, not vandals...
  20. Landie_Man

    St Saviours Church, Bacup - May 2015

    The weather was soon to turn as Mookie kept telling me. We had faced a host of fails but a host of wins. Our next site was sure to be a gooden… If it was accessible, which it turned out to be so. After arriving in Bacup we searched for a point of access and found one after getting slightly...