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  1. SuZyQue

    Covehithe Church - March - 2013

    After a mess up with directions on a saturday explore decided to go for a walk with Miss CSI on sunday and see this lovely old church, been before and love it every time I see it. :) Heres some history:- St.Andrew's church is a partly redundant anglican church in covehithe suffolk, it's grade...
  2. T

    Pigeon Church, Angus Feb 2013

    Loved this place, apart from the pigeon poop (hence the name) masks needed !!! cheers
  3. skeleton key


  4. R

    Rooftopping St Augustine's Abbey Church - Ramsgate - DEC '12

    There has been scaffolding up here for quite some time, and it was obvious some brilliant views could be had from the top! So I set out one cold December night, found my way to bottom of the ladder, and began climbing. There was a PIR about 20 feet up, which turned out not to be connected to...
  5. Nelly

    Cold Christmas Church - Thunderidge - Herts - Dec 2011

    This tower is reported to be one of the most haunted church's in the UK (If you believe that old twaddle), situated in the middle of nowhere and only accessed by a miles trek on foot. So there was no better time to visit it than at night ;) Visited with Skeleton Key, Billy The Bulldozer and...
  6. Nelly

    All Saints Church - Berners Roding - Essex - May 2011

    How diverse can urban exploring be? On Sunday I was taking pictures of my adrenaline pumped mates, stripping off and posing for photos in Harold Wood morgue. 24 hours later and I'm sitting all alone in a dusty but serene 700 year old church in the middle of nowhere. Brilliant!!! Information...
  7. H

    Great Britain Huddersfield abandoned church 2011

    A Roman in a Christian church derelict or not its sacrilege , I just wish people would not smash things up.....hell this would have been 1 very nice find !
  8. E

    St John the Baptist church, Slebech - 11/05/08 - Report.

    St John the Baptist church has been shut for a while now. Visited this with hood_mad and captian slow (almost). This church has an interesting but sad history. Locally, common legend has it that the architect that designed the church did so with the altar facing in the wrong direction...