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  1. U

    Infiltration in working power plant to climb 120 m chimney

    Before 3 years when we start to climb, this chimney look like us impossible. And now after 3 years we can say from the top: It was difficult, but who know how, can make it always. In first try we was spotted by workers and talk whit them. We told him, we are photographers and they say us to...
  2. Himeiji

    Climbing cranes in Luxembourg

    I want to tell a funny story that happened recently in Luxembourg city. We decided to climb a crane. When we were at the top, someone spotted us and apparently called police, but we left before they arrived.  What happened further. We cleaned our clothes, and after a while decided to go home...
  3. -Raz-

    Climbing a silo at British sugar in Bardney

    Having seen a few reports from this place a couple years ago and nothing recently me and a pal went over to check it out, we completely winged the trip here didn't have a clue what was derelict and what wasn't due to part of the site being live! :D We even got locked in a courtyard at one...
  4. Lenston

    Climbing a mast .....

    Not exploring but still worth a look, fook climbing this ......
  5. -Raz-

    Climbing the conveyor belts at Monckton Coke - May 2015

    Bobbed in here on the way home after a epic day in south yorkshire :)