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  1. lucan

    utopia swingers club 2016

    a place i pass by quite often, poped in here for a look back in 2016 , long before the fire gutted half the building, tho ive seen it recently on YT it looks a bit different now once it was uaed as a health spa which is why some of the bits and bobs seem to have been from that period of  the...
  2. crabb

    Great Britain The Old Workmans Club, Swindon, UK. August 18

    An independent members only club, dedicated to the working man who required a certain place for private meetings and events. This place has a little bit of everything. Dark, creepy unlit rooms, and rooms where light was still flourishing through the gaps and crevices. It has had many aliases...
  3. The Urban Collective

    Prudential Assurance Building and Basement Club - Holy City Zoo

    A stunning grade two listed gem decaying right on the high street. Featuring the stunning architecture of Alfred Waterhouse who also designed Strangeways prison the Manchester town hall. The main building has been used for many different purposes over the years as well as Prudential...
  4. The Urban Collective

    Bygone Pub's - St Joseph's Sodality Club - Leigh Lanc's - Feb 2018

    The Old Sodality Club #Leigh Lanc's This video is the first of my new series #bygonepubs where Il be documenting the steady decline of these wonderful gathering holes as the corporations' franchises and chains etc increase their stamp on society. I've had wonderful feedback from many people...
  5. mookster

    The Golfer's Retreat Country Club Sept 2015

    This place was the biggest surprise of my trip, far exceeding my expectations. It's weird how half the site is heavily decayed but the other half looks as if it was vacated yesterday, it's location on a busy road and on a live golf course has helped it remain very intact. Once we had negotiated...
  6. JayB

    Nortel Sports & Social Club, Harlow, Essex. Nov 2014

    This was my 1st ever explore. Not sure what the history of the building is or anything unfortunately as it was my wife that suggested going here together (she is so romantic lol). I'm sure this has been done soooooo many times by anyone that lives in the area but I'm really pleased at the...
  7. Infraredd

    AK Morgana - 2014

    Another bar destroyed by the ongoing feuds & politics engaged in by the big clubs on Ibiza. Looks like it re-opened 2004 blurb Morgana is a mix of chill-out gardens, VIP terraces and indoor dance club. Lavishly...
  8. sentinel

    West Park Hospital Sports and Social Club, Epsom March 2014 (Visited Dec 2013)

    Visited this place back in Dec 2013 With West Park Hospital rapidly getting redeveloped this one is worth a few minutes if your passing. Couple of professional pool tables still left inside, and considering it was left abandoned around 2007 I'm surprised it's not a total wreck. Disturbingly a...
  9. cunningplan

    New Years Eve at the Top Club Jan 2014

    Booked a table for four with live entertainment, turned out he was a fire breather and he had a little accident while practicing for the show :angry2: If you like grunge then this is the place for you, in the middle floor your walking in about a inch (about 25mm to you youngsters) deep of...
  10. silverainbow

    Snowdown Pit Working Mens Club, November 2013

    This place is local to me and Ive passed it up many a time due to it looking so completely trashed, until one rainy Saturday afternoon when our plans were completely ruined by the continuous down pour !. Work commenced on Snowdown Pit in 1908 and the first coal was brought to the surface on...
  11. Wherever I may Roam

    Vernon's Pools/Paradox Night Club - Liverpool - Visited May 2011. - 2013

    The first photograph is of women working at Vernon’s Pools in 1936. Football pools has started in 1923 when John Moores and two friends handed out 4000 coupons outside Old Trafford. Initially, the business was slow and John Moores bought out his two partners who had lost confidence in the...
  12. mookster

    Challow Country Club, Oxon July '13

    One from a couple of weeks back...trashed to high hell with some very dodgy floors but amazingly one dance studio survives with all it's mirrors intact! Cheers for looking...if you were brave enough!
  13. SuZyQue

    A working men's club and a pub

    I was down in erith at the weekend, and always on the lookout for exploring stuff, and found a old working men's club, and a pub called the Royal alfred pub in manor rd, both boarded up, didn't venture in/or around as it's not the safest area to be in, but if anyone in area wants to have a look...
  14. klempner69

    RAF Upper Heyford Officers Club (visited 2011) 2013.

    Opened it 1927,the Former RAF flying corps club passed into the hands of the Americans who added the last modern bar called Jandys.The living areas were quite respectable and the ballroom held host to big name stars.Closing along with base in 1994,the building quickly suffered from the damp,so a...
  15. Nelly

    Great Britain Nortel Sports and Social Club - Harlow - March 2011

    Nortel acquired the Harlow laboratories, originally Standard Telecommunications Laboratories, in 1991 and continued to use the site for research and development in wireless telecommunication technologies. It was the site of Charles Kao's research in fibre optic communications. This is their...