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  1. reverselandfill

    Netherlands Coal Powerplant - 2017

    Near the town I live in, there is this big Coal/Biomass Powerplant. It started producing power (580MW) in 1982 and closed down in 2015. I visited this huge site in 2017, just before they started demolishing the buildings. This is still not done, but visiting the site now is very hard or...
  2. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Coal mining school. - March, 2021.

    History: The German Ruhr valley is widely known for its heavy industry like steel and manufacturing. What laid central in this industry was the availability of coal stored deep underground. Coal mining became a common practice since the beginning of the 1800s, which kickstarted the German...
  3. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Zeche W

    History This coal mine was established in 1910 and was funded by the Prussian empire. This facility contained two elevator towers. In 1912 the construction began on a cokes plant right next to the coal mine.  In 1943 the mine shut down due to the second world war, after 6 years the mine...
  4. JohnnyThunderdrone

    Spain Searching for the hidden freaky graffitis in coal colony

    Hi fellas, I explore a mining colony, looking for these graffiti freaks, in the video section, I've shared the video of this place. I hope to enjoy  NOFILTER NOEDITION
  5. Thelocksmithman

    Thoresby Colliery - Nottinghamshire - April 2016

    Afternoon,   Thought i had lost these pictures forever, but alas numerous devices raided for pictures and i managed to rescue enough to warrant a report. Had my eye on this place from the moment it closed, situated in a village with most of my family in it. Infact often looking out across the...
  6. AndyK!

    Kellingley Colliery, Yorkshire - December 2015

    End of an era. An era which has been on the decline for a number of decades.  An era that made Britain truly great. An era that saw many prosperous moments. An era that couldn’t sustain itself. The era I’m talking about was Industrial Britain and the closure of Kellingly Colliery, the last...
  7. Andy

    A former coal washing plant (visited 11/2015)

    A large complex with several buildings. Partly the middle of demolition, so that workers prevented the exploration of the remaining area. 1 2 3 4 5
  8. Hydro

    Gascoigne Wood - August 15

    Putting this in here due to it being a live site and possibly part owned by Network Rail and i do not wish them to find me lol... SK/Admins if this needs to be in public forums please feel free to move it and remove this top bit, ta :thumb Explored with Raz A bit of History; Selby coalfield...
  9. Morrisey

    Coal & Fireclay - Feb 2015

    The North West like many parts of the country is riddled with old coal mine workings, and in these parts if you do your research you can turn up some absolute gems. This beaut is a fine example of a mid 19th Century coal and fire clay operation that would of fed into the insatiable demand for...
  10. brainblow

    Abandoned Coal Mine - 2014

    Hello, this is my First Urbex location. This mineschaft is very Vandilised, but still much details. Hope you like the pics.
  11. Urbansnooper

    The heights of coal mining

    Harworth Colliery is a mothballed coal mine in the Bassetlaw area of north Nottinghamshire. It has recently been abandoned due to troubles at the seam. History Work began on sinking the shaft in 1913, when the Northern Union Mining Company was set up. This was with an investment in German...
  12. bango

    CWM Coke Works - Beddau, North Wales - Jan 14

    Visited on a very rainy afternoon with Voorhees. Really wasn't expecting the huge scale of this place! CWM coke works opened in 1958 in the coal producing town of Beddau. The coke works would process the majority of the hundreds of thousand of tons of high quality, low sulphur coal produced...
  13. Mumi

    Coal and cosmetics

    Hi explorers! I'm glad to share with you this strange place. A coal factory full of cosmetics. Anyone can imagine the expression of my face at the moment when I discovered that place. Hope you enjoy! PD: as usual, the video's in spanish. If anybody had a question, just ask! Cheers! :D
  14. Frosty

    Coal Research Establishment, Stoke Orchard (Visited 2010) - 2013

    CRE industries, i know nothing about this place nor can i remember where it is other then in a tiny village in the middle of absolute nowhere! Visited with Maniac and Craig. Sorry about image quality, i think i was still on the sony at this point! WAY back in the day!! :) From what i...
  15. Lowri Jen

    Denbigh Asylum Coal Silo Climb - April 2013

    The North Wales Hospital (locally known as Denbigh Mental) was a hospital for people with psychiatric illnesses located in Denbigh, North Wales. Designed by architect Carl Johan Aru to originally accommodate between 60 and 200 patients, the building dates back to 1848, and originally had its...
  16. Canonguy

    coal railway sunderland-Nov 2012

    on the way back from visiting family in sunderland i saw this old factory building (now used to store bingo trucks :dunno: ) and i had my camera and i really wanted to go in but secca was sitting at the front gate.it was impossible to get in another way so i had to go ask very nicely to see...
  17. H

    National Coal Mine Museum Near Wakefield. 2011

    The history will have been done on here before i guess so ill go straight to the pictures and some you will not have seen before i hope !. now for the bitz i think you have not seen ! hope to get alot further soon.....VERY SOON !!!
  18. H

    Fireclay And Coal Mine West Yorkshire 2010

    A nice fireclay and coal mine dating back into the 1800's several entrances go into this system, the roof in most places is in average condition for its age but crumbly wallieeeeee is all over stemples rotting all over but with some nice rails for the carts and a few very nice carts as well...