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  1. Merryprankster

    CWM coke -Beddau - March -- 2016

    way over due writing an actual report, got a back log of about 20 reports at the minute but just cant find the time or the internet speed for uploading to flickr, spend most the week working away on the most basic hotel wifi youve ever seen then when the weekend comes around im always off...
  2. Hydro

    Monckton Coke & Chemical Co. (Royston Coke Works) - June 2015

    Explored with -Raz- Bit of background; Coke has been produced on this site for 130 years, with the current works being the last independent coke works in the country until it was bought by Hargreaves (Norec) in 2005. It is estimated that the plant produces 11 megawatts of energy, for the less...
  3. -Raz-

    Short walk around Monckton Coke and Chemical Co - 2015

    Short Video from last month, lots to see here :)
  4. -Raz-

    Climbing the conveyor belts at Monckton Coke - May 2015

    Bobbed in here on the way home after a epic day in south yorkshire :)
  5. -Raz-

    Royston Coke Works - April 2015

    After a visit in the dark a while back me and Fat Panda headed over after work for a look in the daylight a couple times this week and the place is awesome! Ace having a playground like this so local to me! :D Cheers for looking :thumb
  6. Fatpanda

    Royston coke and chemical works-April 15

    Gonna keep this short as im using the on screen keyboard -_- but posted a report here a while back and we finally got to go in the light. visited with Raz Enjoy
  7. Landie_Man

    Cwm Coke Cokeworks, Beddau, South Wales – March 2015

    Cwm Coke Cokeworks, Beddlau, South Wales – March 2015 Wow, this is one I have wanted to do for years and finally I got to see it. Me and Southside Assassin loaded up the car and headed off for a mixed weekend away in Wales. After taking a wrong turn and ending 20 miles too far from the...
  8. hamtagger

    CWM Cokeworks, Beddau - March 2015

    CWM Cokeworks, Beddau The Explore After spending most of the night in Talgarth, Session9 and myself set off further south in search of some coke :) We’ve now been awake for around 30 hours, multiple cans of Monster have already been consumed to help with the drive down. Arrived at...
  9. Fatpanda

    Getting coke'd up - Royston Feb 15

    Visited today with Raz had a great time and a few close calls with the secca. I was suprsed to see that this wasnt on here already and only found a couple of reports on 28DL. anyway enough of my crap Enjoy Thanks guys :cool2:
  10. mookster

    Cwm Coke, Beddau June 2014

    Cwm Coke is one of those enigmatic places I had been looking at photos of long before I got into active exploring, one of the places I had always wanted to see but never thought I would...until today! On the drive up my imagined lovely sunny early morning wander round the site wasn't looking...
  11. cunningplan

    Cwm Coke, Beddau, May 2014

    I went here at the beginning of the year and hated the place, I was meant to have gone with my nephew but he had to pull out, so I went on my own. The place is so intimidating after a hour I just had to get out of the place and said I wouldn't go back. I had a message from barracuda asking if I...
  12. (76)

    Four Fried Chickens and a Coke (2007-2013)

    Been to this well-known Coking Plant loads of times over the years. Here are some of my favourite pics... Max
  13. Shortstaa

    cwm coke march 2014 (photo heavy)

    well i thought id go and see what all the fuss was about and set off early in the morning to find the beast that is cwm coke. im still blown away by the size of the place if im honest. there cant be that many places around quit like it. to date i would say it was the best 6 hours of urban...
  14. cunningplan

    Cwm Coke Works. S Wales Jan 2014

    This was my first port of call for the day, my nephew was going to come with me for the day but was unable too. This place is not really one for a solo visit but as I wanted to go there I just went on my own. I did try last August but failed to get in, so a couple of members gave me the entry...
  15. bango

    CWM Coke Works - Beddau, North Wales - Jan 14

    Visited on a very rainy afternoon with Voorhees. Really wasn't expecting the huge scale of this place! CWM coke works opened in 1958 in the coal producing town of Beddau. The coke works would process the majority of the hundreds of thousand of tons of high quality, low sulphur coal produced...
  16. Timster1973

    Cwm Coke - August 2013 [PICCY HEAVY]

    Evening all, My third visit to this place which is not that far away from me in South Wales. Wasn't really going for myself but two long time explorer non members of this forum, one of which has been caught here twice in quick succession going back a few years before security got a bit slack...
  17. Mrbeardo

    Coke works - Wales - Aug 13

    History borrowed: Cwm Coke’s origins lie with the Great Western Railway and it’s insatiable hunger for coal. The GWR sunk pits at the Cwm site in 1909 as well as in other areas of the Rhondda, but Cwm didn’t become known for it’s coke until 1958 when the coking ovens...
  18. HitGirl

    Coke Works August 2013

    Explored with Therealindianajones, Tommo, Klempner69 and Marlon Was a great day exploring with great people, Had loads of laughs and outrageous banter, and thanks to the good old welsh weather we also got very very wet :)
  19. Timster1973

    Cwm coke- the 16 hour explore 2011/12

    Hi guys, A few of the photos below are from 2 x 8 hours explores that coincided with weekends of Welsh sport so guard and dog was non existant!! This place is a huge abandoned coke works that is just standing there and is likely to be left in the same way for a long time as its massive! Also...

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