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  1. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Lost Coal mining Empire - Mar. 2020

    Alright, this report contains two separate locations which once were the same company. The first location is the original site dating back to 1899 and the other one is the newer facility dating back to the 1930s. History Black Machineroom: We will start with the history of the original site. At...
  2. jane doe

    Great Britain Snowdown Colliery 2014

    Snowdown was the deepest colliery in Kent reaching well over 3,000 ft (915 metres). It was also the hottest and most humid pit in Kent and was given the name 'Dante's Inferno' by the miners. Regarded by many as the worst pit to work at in Britain, most Snowdown miners worked naked because...
  3. farmer.ned

    Great Britain Manton Colliery Sidings

    an early finish today prompted a visit to the former colliery site at manton and the sidings at manton wood after parking the car  in manton pit wood park trying to look like an afternoon stroller and not an urban explorer  a circuitous walk through manton pit wood was required to reach my goal...
  4. Thelocksmithman

    Thoresby Colliery - Nottinghamshire - April 2016

    Afternoon,   Thought i had lost these pictures forever, but alas numerous devices raided for pictures and i managed to rescue enough to warrant a report. Had my eye on this place from the moment it closed, situated in a village with most of my family in it. Infact often looking out across the...
  5. Hydro

    Maltby Main Colliery, Rotherham - May 16

    Went for a mooch about with @-Raz-      History;   The first shafts at Maltby Main Colliery were sunk in 1910, and the first coal produced four years later. Situated in a wooded area on Tickhill Road the colliery was some distance from the township of Maltby and in order to gain a...
  6. AndyK!

    Kellingley Colliery, Yorkshire - December 2015

    End of an era. An era which has been on the decline for a number of decades.  An era that made Britain truly great. An era that saw many prosperous moments. An era that couldn’t sustain itself. The era I’m talking about was Industrial Britain and the closure of Kellingly Colliery, the last...
  7. MrT

    Clipstone colliery, Clipstone, December 2015

    A personal favourite of myn. Had two visits here, one with no camera and another quick visit, due to pikeys being in here stripping it and one following me around, i valued my camera gear and my life so i left with only a handful of snapshots. Now well secured, with intercom warning if you get...
  8. Hydro

    T'old Fryston Colliery Bridge, Castleford - July 15

    Living in Castleford, Yorkshire, you can't really go anywhere without seeing evidence of the once booming coal mining industry in the area. This old girl, locally known simply as "The Iron Bridge" is just one example. Ive put July 15 on the header simply because that is when i took these photos...
  9. Camera Shy

    Easington Colliery Junior Schools - Durham (Aug 2014)

    Checked this school out on a bit of a whim with a non member whilst doing something else in the area, we wasn't sure what to expect having not done any proper research on it, first impressions weren't good as it's looking very knackered outside, however inside it was a real treat, heavily...
  10. Urbansnooper

    Clipstone Colliery - visited may 2013

    Another great place to visit as most of you will know by now, Visited in may of 2013 with urban witness & urban sentry. It seamed like ages to walk over the field so we could approach from the rear of the place then finding the way in was also not such an easy task !! .... but needless to...
  11. Stussy

    Clipstone Colliery - July 2013

    The first stop of my recent England road trip, having driven through the night to try get here for the sunrise, I arrived very early in the morning with JFR (my Scottish exploring buddy). The goal of this trip was too conquer the roadside headstock, after climbing to around 20feet from what I...
  12. Stussy

    Great Britain Clipstone Colliery - Visited March 2013 [June 2013] - Pic Heavy

    Quite a bit late with this report, but finally getting round to posting up some pics. After completing a early morning adventure at a nearby hospital Scattergun, Proj3ct M4yh3m, Lowri and two friends from Spain headed for this here. It was a bright sunny day, but it was also freezing cold...
  13. Judderman62

    Eh Colliery. (Aug 2012) 2013

    This site was second on my list of places to visit. The History. East Holywell Colliery, D Pit, opened in 1872 during the early expansion of the South East Northumberland coalfield, and closed in 1973. In the 1850s the owners were Plummer, Taylor, Clark and Lamb, later Hugh Taylor & Co...
  14. Maniac

    Pleasley Colliery (Permission Visit) - Apr 2013

    Having some time to kill on one of my recent jaunts up north, we popped into this place as it was close by and got shown round by a very knowledgeable chap who used to work down the pit. He certainly knew his stuff and was fascinating to listen to, so much so I almost forgot to take any photos...
  15. R

    Draycott Cross Colliery (visited 2010)- 2013

    Visited with RJ & Shadow History can be found Looking deep into the tunnel, about half way down Compresser/pump of some sort...? 16 & 18 tubs, narrow gauge track in deep mud 28 tubs No road + 2...
  16. S

    Clipstone Colliery March 13

    One of my local haunts,been 3 times now,and still great..
  17. mrtoby

    Clipstone Colliery - Notts - March 2013

    I feel like an idiot that this didnt get done sooner, I just never got round to it. Its really good-one of the best I have done....only 40 minutes away. If you haven't been then I recommend it, the size is unbelievable-something you cant really see in the pictures. A good day out with a solid...
  18. Banshee =}

    Colliery - Sunday 17th Feb 2013

    This is my first ever report so please bare with me :grin: Payed a visit to this beauty last Sunday ... after an hour of scawering the fence ... we were in :cool2: Now for a bit history on the joint :thumb Colliery known as “The Dukeries� because of the number of stately homes in the area...
  19. U

    Snowdon Colliery - 2013

    Snowdon colliery situated between the dover and canterbury railway line , it was used for digging up coal , The 1st shaft at snowdon colliery hit water at 260ft and flooded , drowning 22 men after this the colliery became the 1st commercial pit in kent and also being the deepest colliery in...
  20. silverainbow

    Snowdown Colliery, Dover Kent, July 2012

    Have driven past here on many occasions but have always seen security lurking around so when I got a call from Space Invader saying he was gonna go take a look I though yeah why not, Lets go join Him, Explored With Space Invader, Obscurity and Storm :) A bit of History about the place ...