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  1. Ferox

    Cookridge Hospital, Leeds. May 2015

    Would have been rude not to nip in here while in the area. Again visited with Paul 2129, great morning this mate. Really not that much left here now and what is still there to explore is in a right state. Still, some interesting things left to see and alot of peeling paint. Glad I seen what's...
  2. Urban_Explorer

    Cookridge Hospital - 2015

    Visited March 2015 A lot of the hospital has been demolished so not a lot to see now but still had some nice bits. History, The abandoned Cookridge Convalescent Hospital on Hospital Lane. Built in a Gothic vernacular style, it opened in 1869 to provide a place for patients treated at Leeds...
  3. mrtoby

    Cookridge Hospital - Leeds - October 2013

    A little bit of history: "In 1886 John North gifted £6,000 to open a convalescent home in memory of his daughter Ida. Chorley and Connon were the Architects, opened 10th May 1888. Robert Arthington financed a second hospital on adjacent site which opened May 1905, and took his name but was...
  4. beccyboo

    Cookridge Hospital - 2013

    OK this is my first ever report. So here goes nothing... Cookridge Convalescent Hospital was opened in 1869 to provide a place for patients who had been treated at Leeds General Infirmary to continue their recovery. The 10,000 cost of the original building, designed in a Gothic vernacular...

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