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  1. SouthCoastUrbex

    WW2 Shelter - Coulsdon - June 2018

    Hi all, We went and visited a WW2 Shelter last night on the outskirts of London. The place was absolutely incredible and even had left behind remnants. We found it that it had been unsealed again so we decided to set off straight away as we did not want to miss this chance. I hope you enjoy the...
  2. Gromr123

    Coulsdon Deep Shelter - Feb 2016

    Hi all, I'm new to Oblivion State, but I've been doing Urban Exploring for about 18 months now. Here is my latest explore from late last night.  Coulsdon Deep Shelter This was the site of my first proper Urban Explore about 18 months ago. I remember scrabbling through the woods one October...
  3. AlanMowbs82

    COULSDON DEEP SHELTER - april 2014.

    everyones probably seen these many times before but i Popped in here yesterday on the way back from visiting deepdene deep shelter but there's already a new report on that so thought id post up a few pics from my 2nd explore. had been down here before but the mrs wanted too see it so went for a...
  4. sentinel

    Coulsdon Deep Shelter March 2014 (Visited Dec 2013)

    Hi guy's went for a solo visit back in December 2013 A nice place to spend some time. History This large public air raid shelter is one of four which were proposed and built by Surrey Council at the beginning of WW2, the others being at Epsom Downs, Ashley Road in Epsom and Kenley. The plan...
  5. B

    Coulsdon Bunker May 2012

    Coulsdon Bunker, AKA Surrey Deep Shelter IV Is a large underground set of 3 parallel tunnels with interconnecting passageways dug into the chalky ground at the foot of the former Cane Hill Hospital (my favourite explore to date). I hadn't been into the bunker since 2008 so when I heard from...
  6. skeleton key

    Great Britain Coulsdon Deep Shelter- 2012

  7. vanishing days

    Cane Hill - Coulsdon - report - 2008

    from ages back went for a trip worth toast on cheese stealth and pinky fluff u all no the history of this place in we go toilets kitchen veranda nt lower levels my fav picture