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  1. Grindle

    Great Britain LLuesty Done to death I know!!! April 2019

    Didnt think I would bother doing LLuesty but nowt else to do  was quite eerie with the rain and the wind though! Workhouse is well under way with development lots of builders on site and now probly not worth a look
  2. skeleton key

    Another sad death

    The death of urban explorers is clearly on the increase world wide and gives great cause for concern. With its increase in popularity we have to exercise more caution out there. Woman Dies After Fall From Abandoned Grain Elevator The woman, who was exploring the building with a group of...
  3. schräglage

    Place of death - 2014

    A very nice place with a sad past: an abandoned crematorium
  4. Judderman62

    Great Britain Death Trap Farm. Dec 12

    Just looking to get some content on here before I have chance to edit more recent stuff and get it up so thought I'd get some stuff that I've posted elsewhere but not here for anyone that doesn't know me from other sites. Evening Peeps. This was the second port of call for Zero81 and myself...