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  1. Albino-jay

    Great Britain Victoria theatre, Salford, Dec 17

    I’d had my eye on this place for years. I’m from Prestwich so only up the road and I remember going past the Rialto further up where there is now a maccies and past this place on our way into town as a kid. I lived in Broughton briefly about 5 years ago and used to keep an eye on it, however it...
  2. lucan

    Great Britain The Boot Boys House - Dec 2018

    I think ill just let the pics do the talking as im lost for words on this one , ... visted with the elusive and adam plenty of battery operated adult content , you have been warned lol thanks for looking
  3. .Gh0ast

    Germany Lost Tanks - Dec 2016

    Somewhere in Germany, in a quiet park, lie those beautiful Tanks. Quiet park ? Not really, a military barrack nearby often throws training in this park, as the sign explained us kindly. ? We were lucky enough to dodge those training, even if i'm pretty sure it doesn't happen more than once a...
  4. .Gh0ast

    Belgium Chateau Wolfenstein - Dec 2016

    First report here, the well-known Chateau wolfenstein.   Lost somewhere in the Belgian Ardennes, the castle was built 1931 by a rich Baron. It has many use throught the years, hospital, command centre during the war, care home for soldiers and, apparently some kind of jail for war and politic...
  5. U

    Kenosha Theater, Wisconsin USA - Dec 17

    It's been a while since I've posted anything. I though I would share something really cool, this is the Kenosha Theater. I have a thing for old movie palaces and I could not pass this up especially since I live pretty close to it. It technically isn't abandoned since a man owns it, but he...
  6. little_boy_explores

    Great Britain Bretton Hall, Wakefield - Dec 2017

    History In the 14th century the Bretton estate was owned by the Dronsfields and passed by marriage to the Wentworths in 1407. King Henry VIII spent three nights in the old hall and furnishings, draperies and panelling from his bedroom were moved to the new hall. A hall is marked on...
  7. little_boy_explores

    Report - Bishopgarth police training centre, Wakefield - Dec 31st

    History Bishopgarth was first built in 1891 for the Bishop to live in. In 1946 the site became the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Training School. The classrooms were built in 1952 and the new block added in 1969 (the accommodation). There were 14 course's for training police men/women...
  8. Lenston

    Ebbw Vale Culvert ( Dunkin Donuts ) Wales - Dec - 2017

    A bit of a revisit to see if anything had changed since my last visit in 2014   Well worth a look if your passing.    Some History    The Culvert in Ebbw Vale is along the River Ebbw Fawr, a stretch of just over a mile of the river was Culverted in 1937 to accommodate expansion of the...
  9. coolboyslim

    Prudential Assurance Building - Oldham dec 2017

    Whats This a report from me NOOOOOO Wayyyy lol. Sorry aint been upping much hopefully that will change. Anyways i know a few been here etc but thought i would up mine. History: Not much im afraid and i aint copying anyone else. What i do know is a pub/club was underneath and its been up for...
  10. coolboyslim

    Great Britain St John the evangelist Church - DEC 2015

    Hi all a nice new report from me on a recent explore. This is a cracking little church with some awesome stuff still left and very photographic. And seeing has its close to christmas this seems like a good time to do it and post it. Some awesome stuff here like the tower and the bell. In what i...
  11. Votour

    L'hôpital du Lion volé -Dec 2014

    Hello! Voilà je me décide enfin à publier cette petite explo qui date de fin décembre. Et maintenant ça va être un peu dur d'aller faire de l'explo car je me retrouve actuellement en béquilles... Bref mais si vous passez par la Touraine je peux quand même aller boire un verre avec vous...
  12. Fatpanda

    George barnsley & Sons Dec-14

    George Barnsley and sons, a key toolmakers in Sheffield's history, well at least for us lot.. Heres a small set for you i took a few months back now enjoy:p THanks ........
  13. C

    Greenbank Synagogue Dec 14

    I was dead excited to see this place, then the day before we came a report was posted saying it had been sealed up. Gutted! Then to our amazement, we found a window, unboarded and open. Mazel tov!!! Shame to see this place so trashed. The metal has gone, the flooring...
  14. C

    Katie's House Dec 14

    This one was at the top of my list for a while. So when the day came, I don't know why I lacked motivation...I hardly spent anytime taking photos, and in hindsight, now I'm gutted about that. Still, never mind. I have my memories, and lots of blurry photo's. Anyway, every man and his dog have...
  15. Andy

    Communists Monument, Bulgaria (visited Dec. 2013)

    I think almost everyone knows it now. The monument on the 1441 m high mountain was opened in 1981 to the 1300 anniversary of the founding of the state of Bulgaria by the Communist Party (Socialist Workers Party). It's the largest ideologically motivated building in the country. After a 2.5 hour...
  16. Andy

    Palac Phallus (visited Dec. 2014)

    The castle was built in the 18th century. During World War II it was occupied by German troops and eventually used as mother-child home. After the war it was among other things used as an orphanage. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18...
  17. Landie_Man

    Beacon Waste Incinerator, Worcs - Dec 2014

    So after visiting the carehome in Malvernbury, a drive to Greggs for an unhealthy meal of Sausage Rolls fresh out of the oven so they were NUCLEAR and a coffee for Landie, we took a slow afternoon trundle to a small village outside Malvern to this disused Waste Incinerator. Theres very little...
  18. Otchie

    Great Britain Crookham Court (Dec 2014)

    Crookham Court Hi guys, first post here! Visited with Miss.Anthrope in December 2014, I wont put to much history up because you all know the place. A bit about the school: Crookham Court School, in Crookham Road, closed in the late-1980s after finding itself at the centre of a national...
  19. Andy

    Piano House (visited Dec. 2014)

    The property was built only in the 1920s, later it was used as an agricultural school. In parts destroyed by a fire and abandoned in the mid-80s. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  20. brainblow

    Cemetery Of The Insane ( Dec 2014 )

    Today I visited this old graveyard somewhere in Belgium.