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  1. WildBoyz

    Belgium Village of Doel, Belgium - August 2017

    History The village of Doel is said to date back to 1267. It was originally known as ‘De Doolen’ (‘border water’) and up until the eighteenth century it was essentially an island surrounded by flooded plains. For many years, due to its unusual geographical location, it was unclear which...
  2. F

    Ghost town: Doel, Drone footage.

    Hey guys and girls, We got ourselfs a drone and this is the first footage we shot. Doel is a small village in north-east Belgium, next to Antwerp. Since the anouncement of expanding the port of Antwerp, wich eventually would make the village disapear, many of the inhabitants left the...
  3. Strange Artifact

    Doel. August 2015

    There are those places that are photographed very, very often. 'Doel' in Belgium is one of them. We accidentally visited it, well almost. It was on our way home, there was enough evening light left and perhaps dinner. It became just photo's. I decided for a black and white serie. Nothing new...
  4. mookster

    Doel Village, July '13

    Part of my Greatest Hits Europe Urbex Tour Trip Tour 2013, a mad weekender in Belgium with a group of 4 who'd never been across the channel before. Doel is such a great place it warranted another visit for me, I missed a fair amount last year and this time went right to the furthest reaches of...
  5. mookster

    Belgium Doel, May 2012 (2013)

    North of Antwerp sits a little village lost to 'big corp', in this case the port owners who want to bulldoze the entire place to expand the port into more industrial wastelands. But a few owners are stubbornly refusing to leave, allowing the rest of the village to fall into disrepair, a magnet...
  6. oldskool

    Belgium Chambre De Commerce & Doel Be.............May 25 2012

    This place is been on my to do list since i first saw photos of it some years back , in my mind no photo or video footage can do it any kind of justice ,you have to see with your own eyes to take in the vastness and extreme detail of the 400 year old building....Gaining access was no joke at...