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  1. KPUrban_

    Great Britain CMH, Aldershot, 2019

    Hospital Of Bleeding Doors It's been a little while since I last posted a thread and will probably remain a rare occurrence, if I'm honest. But anyway, here a thread. The Hospital Dating back to 1879 CMH, built by Messrs Martin Wells and Co., was named after the duke of Cambridge and opened on...
  2. little_boy_explores

    Doors and Doorways

      Please share your own doors in the comments                         :91_thumbsup:
  3. Silent Hill

    Urbex Doors

    Well Nelly started the Urbex Chair thread! So here we have Urbex Doors ;) These are a few of my favourite one's from St Johns.
  4. darbians

    In search of bleeding doors (2012) 2013

    Pye was a lil bit busy at Santastock. So after everyone split up we went on to CMH, in search of the bleeding green doors. Here is what we found. 1 Where to go? by darbians, on Flickr 2 At 400 metres this corridor is crazy. There was still a fair bit behind me!! The longest corridor by...

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