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  1. seaside_rambler

    Great Britain Dover Magistrates Court March 2019

    Dover's Magistrate's Court was built in 1987 to replace the court room in the town hall building, and closed in 2017 due to nationwide cuts to save the Ministry of Justice £500m a year. It boasts 4 court rooms, waiting areas, toilets with free toilet roll, the usual admin rooms and some cells...
  2. woody

    st martin's deep shelter - july 2014

    visited with alanmowbs82 this was the last of the dover shelters we needed to do, popped down for a quick look and sadly now all locked up again, apart from the fire damage it's still in pretty good nick and a few decent photo opportunities, history here...
  3. woody

    south foreland deep shelter 1 - may 2014

    Visited this one night back in may with a non-member, it's one of the better shelters in\around dover imo, I forgot that I had been there so that's why the report is a bit late! little bit of history can be found here...
  4. silverainbow

    Esplanades Level, Dover Castle, Kent, May 2014

    This is like the holy grail for all us Kent guys, I've been waitinga very long 4 years to get in here, Have lost count of the amount of times I had "dropped by" on the off chance of some one having made it possible but always to no avail, Id also eyed a particular possibility up a fair few times...
  5. silverainbow

    South Foreland Deep Level Shelter 1, St. Margarets, Nr Dover, Kent, May 2014

    This was the one and only Deep Shelter at St Margaret's that I hadn't done, Mainly as in previous years I hadn't found it, I got a text from Space Invader saying he was at a loose end and did I fancy going and doing some thing local, I thought yeah why not so off we went and found ourselves...
  6. AlanMowbs82

    Esplanade level - dover - 2014

    One truly great explore and something not a lot of people get too see as its been sealed for a good few years. a big place and spent a few hours down their, loved all the old graffiti and history of the place and im also pleased it got sealed back up before anyone got in too wreck it and ruin...
  7. lanky8804

    Dover Derelict Flat Block

    Hi Often driven past this location and always wondered if anyone has even been inside or if its accessible. As you are driving down the A20 in Dover you go past the old flats which are now all boarded up. Anyone got any info...
  8. Wevsky

    Oil Mills West aka Champagne Caves Dover march 2014

    Wasn't going to bother with a report as to be fair there may be one from about 4 years ago from me,well it was this mixed with another place.. Anyhow its sunday and im so very bored so here's some pics from a recent less crowded trip Brief stolen history Pictors And an odd portrait...
  9. Wevsky

    St Margarets Rotor Bunker Dover March 2014

    Having seen the report go up from The Wickerman of his and Obscuritys mission to get into this place I thought it was about time i got myself down for a look myself.We had checked it out not long after the event and decided it was more than a little sketchy access wise so backed out ! Fast...
  10. silverainbow

    Tower Hamlets ARP, Dover, Kent November 2013

    I have held out on this for a very long time trying to find history "Just that little bit different", But failed miserably, Theres lots out there referring to title deeds, Access rights under peoples gardens etc but no real history about who built it and when, When construction started and when...
  11. Wevsky

    Winchelsea Caves Dover Feb 2014

    I have visited these tunnels many times but never captured a complete set i was happy with. Went down with the fisheye this time as the sigma is in the shop Visited with Obscurity and a non member Pics.. Toilet blocks can be seen on the left spur. there is several different...
  12. woody

    winchelsea road tunnels, dover - jan 2013

    A little bit of torrential rain put us off of our planned explore, luckily this little gem was the backup! really tidy little set of tunnels including the bits cut with the new tunnel boring machine, strange to go into a set and not see a load of chalk graf but kinda nice History here...
  13. woody

    various dover explores - jan 2014

    bit of a mixture on this one, found it difficult to get any decent photos in here, visited lower/upper oil mills, scotts cave, doe and the other one up top (someone help!) and only managed a handful of shots, also managed to mis-compose the bell in DOE :( difficult to find history on these...
  14. C

    Western Heights, Dover, Dec '13

    Detached Bastion Drop Redoubt St. Martin's Battery This whole area must be a doggers paradise. Condoms everywhere, a smell of shame in the air, and we found a bloody carrot! The Grand Shaft Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed
  15. C

    Fort Burgoyne, Dover, Dec '13

    Fort Burgoyne was completed in 1890 and was one of the Palmerston Forts built to protect Dover from both sea and inland attacks from the French. It is joined to the former Connaught Barracks which was used until recently. Now there are plans underway to develop Connaught into housing. We hit...
  16. seaside_rambler

    Detatched Bastion, Dover - Sept 2013

    We popped in here over the summer for the first time, quite liked it here, nice and peaceful...until I heard someone outside with their lad, peeped out the access hole to see none other that our own Silverainbow Was a busy day, as a poor badger had found his way in, but sadly not his way out...
  17. Frosty

    Fan Bay - Dover - (2013)

    Just thought id whack a few pics up from last time I went here with Maniac Cheers for looking , Frostaaaaay.
  18. Wevsky

    Fort Burgoyne Dover (visited 2011) 2013

    Was going thru my old reports on here and found the 2010 report i did but for some reason when i went back and did a day time visit and saw a hell of a lot more i seem to have not posted this here. So here it is rather late than never Fort Burgoyne was originally known as Castle Hill Fort,I...
  19. Urbex Ninja

    Bushy Ruff House, Dover - May 2013

    The original house was built in 1797 by William Knocker, former Mayor of Dover, he built the house and named the area "Bushy Ruff". He also excavated the lake to power his paper mills in the area. The house was built with a Italian feel to impress his visitors. Since then there has been some...
  20. Urbex Ninja

    Drop Redoubt, Dover - May 2013

    This is one of two Forts at Western Heights. This is only available on open days and we were lucky enough to get a tour by the Western Heights Preservation Society on an open day. Visited with Kent Underground and Abandoned Places. Thanks for reading

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