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  1. Doug

    Cave Clan Pranks Radio Station in 1991

    Back when you were allowed to be a silly urbex drain explorer. The first call is old school Clan member Wes using the name of founding Clan member Woody. If you have it loud enough you can hear Wes still rambling on even though she has muted him. You may find it hard to believe, but Charley's...
  2. Doug

    Cave Clan turns 30

  3. WildBoyz

    Brisbane 'Darkie', Brisbane - December 2015

    History (Part One)   The area where Brisbane is now located was originally discovered by European colonialists in 1799, when Matthew Flinders first explored Moreton Bay. He spent a total of fifteen days there before returning to Port Jackson. Before the area was seized, so to speak, a number...
  4. Paulpowers

    A brutal reminder of what can happen in drains

    Everyone knows the golden rule that when it rains don't go in drains We're all adults so a bit of personal responsibility is in order, just enjoy yourself and stay safe Pic taken when I decided to go in a drain when it started raining

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