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  1. C

    Abandoned train yard/factory (cinematic)

    Hi and happy new year! Here’s a short video of a recent explore of Healey Mills marshalling Yard and Dudfleet mill - thanks for watching! 
  2. swoodhall

    Abandoned Hotel - Penang, Malaysia

    I recently found this huge abandoned hotel in a sorry overgrown state. So I thought I would wizz the flying camera around it. I didn't go inside unfortunately as the perimeter fence looked rather harsh, with lots of no entry signs. plus it was way to hot.  The Penang Mutiara Beach Resort in...
  3. W

    Fullers Earthworks in 4K May 2017

    Hey Guys Thought I would share a video from an outing to Redhill, Enjoy!
  4. Gromr123

    The Acid House - Surrey - July 2016

    I visited here with Brewtal from over at DP. Thanks for showing us around this place, it was great! Hope you like the drone video. This former manor house was used for Chemical and Optical work. The History for this place is pretty sketchy and I can't anything on it.  Its being redeveloped...
  5. F

    Ghost town: Doel, Drone footage.

    Hey guys and girls, We got ourselfs a drone and this is the first footage we shot. Doel is a small village in north-east Belgium, next to Antwerp. Since the anouncement of expanding the port of Antwerp, wich eventually would make the village disapear, many of the inhabitants left the...
  6. Lenston

    How to fly a drone through Crossrail's tunnels