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  1. WildBoyz

    Little Burdon Farmstead, Little Burdon - June 2016

    History “I was born over the road in Beacon Hill in 1942, and it was run down when I went down for eggs as a kid… It was never a posh place, but it was occupied by some old time farmers – lovely people” (Malcolm Hall of Kirklevington).  Although it was originally a village, Little Burdon is a...
  2. WildBoyz

    Tanfield Culvert (Boardwalk), Durham - May 2016

    History Tanfield culvert was built in 1723 as owners of nearby coal mines needed a way of moving material from their pits to the Tyne (see Tanfield Railway). From the river it could then be loaded onto ships and transported to large industrial cities in the South. As the surrounding land was...
  3. Conrad

    County Hospital, Durham 2015

    The history The Durham County Hospital was constructed in the middle of the 19th century and began operation as a voluntary hospital. The hospital saw growth in the 20th century due medical advances, the growth of the city and the construction of a nearby railway viaduct. In total 5 major...
  4. Urbexbandoned

    Durham Baths - March 2015

    This is somewhere that has been done to death so I won't bore you all with the history! A complete dump really but seriously one of the most photogenic places I have been to. I quite enjoyed it here, visited the day before and stood watching as 3 teenagers were throwing slates from the roof in...
  5. Camera Shy

    Easington Colliery Junior Schools - Durham (Aug 2014)

    Checked this school out on a bit of a whim with a non member whilst doing something else in the area, we wasn't sure what to expect having not done any proper research on it, first impressions weren't good as it's looking very knackered outside, however inside it was a real treat, heavily...
  6. Mrbeardo

    Ushaw College - Durham- October - 2013

    Was a little disappointed in this, but when I saw the chapel my opinion changed.
  7. N

    Durham Baths - June 2013

    Took a trip down to the Durham swimming baths a couple of months ago with a non forum member. Seems the asbestos was stripped out in 2008 after it had closed and has been left to rot ever since. It's clearly in bad shape and a frequent hang out for graffiti artists and UrbExers. It's been...
  8. Maniac

    Durham Hill/Soldiers Home/Crouchers/Barwicks tunnels - Dover

    This complex of tunnels all run into one another, but are all owned and used by different people with the exception of the Durham Hill tunnel which is too unstable to be used for anything. Up until WWII some of the sets of caves/tunnels existed seperately, but during WWII they were linked up...
  9. Jesus

    Great Britain Ushaw College, Durham, Feb. '11.

    After chasing up loads of failures locally, Thompski and I decided to leave the shitty midlands and head up north to hit up a load of sites on a weekend roadtr0p fuelled on relentless and booze. Ushaw college (sorry!) was the first site we visited. History can be found at the usual source...