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  1. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Small Convent Chapel, South East England - March 2019

    I have decided not to name this one; it sits in the middle of a large Brand New Housing Estate in a rather affluent part of the UK, not far from London.  The reason behind this is because it looks as if its either being converted or used for storage; and tbh I don't think it needs hundreds of...
  2. Nwoodco1

    Places to explore in East Texas!

    Hello, I just joined this forum because my friends and I are traveling out to Choke Canyon SP later this summer and I would like some cool/abandoned places to explore and didn't know where to look, so I came here! Hopefully you all have some good places to share.
  3. TheVampiricSquid

    Jameah Islameah School, East Sussex - April 2015

    Hey guys.. Little late with the report but headed down to Jameah with SlimJim and Chopper. We found ourselves an open door and had a little mooch around. After hearing what we presumed was secca talking, we backtracked and headed over to the church, after snapping away here we headed round into...
  4. LeeLewis82

    Hello from East Anglia UK

    Hello all I'm lee from the UK carrot cruncher land known as East Anglia, been urbexing for a year and I'm addicted! There's not many places that I won't go.. my fears are only heights and spiders, both of which i switch off to and get on with it. I'll upload some pics soon, peace out :thumb
  5. sentinel

    St Clement's Hospital - bow, East London - April 2014 (Visited March 2014)

    Visit This was a great little explore with The_Raw. On the first visit some funny random things straight from the start, including being locked in by security, finding some strange torture chair, both being attacked by pigeons plus some others. On the second visit I noticed a couple of Squibb...
  6. The_Raw

    St Clement's Hospital - Bow, East London - March 2014

    The Visit This was a great day out with Sentinel, filled with comedy moments, aggressive pigeons, a police helicopter, and a location which was far better than expected. Thanks to sentinel for always being up for a laugh in any given situation, lending me his wide angle lens on the odd...
  7. superwide

    East Ashford Union Workhouse reservoir - Nov 2013

    November 2013 This was a quick visit with little time available, which was handy as the place is tiny. All that I have managed to find out about this place is that it was a reservoir built to service the East Ashford Union Workhouse. In 1837, the East Ashford Union erected a workhouse on the...
  8. abandoned world

    East Fortune Hospital. Oct2013

    East fortune hospital, people believe to be haunted it does have a strange silence to it but if there were any ghosties there i wouldnt of seen them was too busy taking pictures ha. East Fortune The area is known for its airfield which was constructed in 1915 to help protect Britain from attack...
  9. magpie

    Newcastle/North East meet

    Ok guys, I'm arranging a Newcastle meet for 28th June, meet @ the wetherspoons on the Quayside, say 8pm...any one is welcome to come along. Be good chance to meet the N.E guys & anyone else. Just add your name to the list below.. The address of pub;- 35-37 The Close Quayside...
  10. T

    Hello from East Kent

    A quick Hi to let the administrators know that I'm not a total idiot and that now I have loads of time on my hands I intend to do all the things I used to do as a child all those years ago. Great site.
  11. silverainbow

    Ramsgate East Cliff/Main Section, January 2013

    Hi all have been wanting to get in to the Ramsgate Tunnels for a very long time now so when Space Invader tipped me off that I should get my backside down there I did just that :D , So now for a little history about this amazing network of ARP's courtesy of the Ramsgate History forum. The...
  12. Space Invader

    Snargate Tunnels East, Dover ,nov 2011

    visited with ... wevsky, fortknoxo,one flew east ,maniac and chewbacca a little history... This is the Eastern end of a large tunnel complex in Snargate Street, which began as separate tunnels but were linked during WW2 for use as air raid shelters. The main part of this section is the 900ft...
  13. Obscurity

    East Demi Bastion - Dover castle - 2009

    During the Napoleonic era fortifications were added to Dover Castle to improve defenses. Located in the east moat overlooking the harbor is East Demi Bastion. The Bastion consists of a gun battery and a lower level looking out to sea from the face of the cliff. A network of staircases and...
  14. S

    East Demi

    after much pondering myself mooch and rook managed to get into east demi. it a brilliant place. here are some of moochs photos... i think we will be going back soon.

    hudsons and part of east demi and east ditch

    my self scrim and mooch which i must say need to be in the private part to c this well after a long walk and climb up to hudson's and then down into east ditch oooo gate in to hudson's (photos to follow thanks to mooch 4 the pics and fluff will up load as he isn't in privet yet ) nice place v...
  16. Shadow

    Great Britain East Demi Bastion - Dover 28.12.08

    Visited with Oldie, LittleOldie, Impact, Ryda and Strategy. Sorry about the picture size, for some reason my computer converts everything to .png without asking me :evil: Not seen this before so its good to go somewhere new, however this place is particularly frustrating, as the doorway that...